The virus is called Sars-CoV-2, and the lung disease it triggers is called "Covid-19". More and more people are afraid of the current corona virus spreading further. How do you protect yourself?

The number of infections is now extremely high, there are more and more cases in United States, mouth protection is now sold out - but it makes no sense for healthy people. The conclusion: where it is needed, it is scarce, the same applies to disinfectants. But there are actually a few useful tips about protecting against the corona virus that we can all stick to. But they are also helpful for protection against other infectious diseases. There are not only corona viruses. Our current task is to keep the infection curve as flat as possible. We can do that by protecting ourselves and by using a a COVID 19 IgM IgG Rapid Test Kit, or Real-Time RT-PCR Test.

Protect against coronaviruses and Co: That's why you should be careful

The corona virus spreads very easily from person to person. Similar to influenza, the infection works both via droplet infection and via smear infection. Say: in the case of Sars-CoV-2 about coughing, but also about touching, such as objects such as door handles.

Imagine an infected person coughing in his hand and then opening a door. You want to go through the door shortly afterwards, touch the doorknob and shortly afterwards it itches your eye. Carelessly you scratch yourself - and pathogens land on the infected person's hand, the door handle and your own hand on your eye and thus on a mucous membrane. This makes it easy for the pathogens to penetrate the body and cause damage there.

The virus doesn't always trigger symptoms

"Sars-CoV-2" is now the name of the virus that first appeared in Wuhan, China and triggers the lung disease "Covid-19". This in turn is manifested by symptoms such as coughing, breathing problems and, in many, but not all cases, fever. If the disease is severe, pneumonia, shortness of breath or even circulatory collapse can occur. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around a quarter of the cases are difficult, especially in old and pre-ill people. Around 95 percent of all infected people recover well without any problems.
Treatment is the same as for other respiratory diseases: An attempt is made to combat the symptoms and to "stand" the disease. There is currently no specific therapy for Sars-CoV-2, explains the Federal Center for Health Education,

The tricky thing about this new type of coronavirus is that it can already be transmitted if the infected person does not yet experience any symptoms. In fact, the virus does not trigger symptoms in all those affected. Some people don't notice anything at all, but they can still infect others who get sick after all. And if the curve rises as sharply as in the beginning in China and most recently in Italy, and more people need intensive medical treatment with ventilation than there are corresponding beds in hospitals, let alone hospital and nursing staff who are already heavily overloaded, our healthcare system could collapse in the same way. We're already close. So now it’s our social duty to follow a few rules, to keep the number of infections at the same time as low as possible. This is exactly why protection against infections is so important.

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