Watching your baby sleep is one of the most joyful times as a parent.  Looking at their sweet, adorable, and innocent face is heart melting. However, it’s not always easy to get them to sleep especially at night when you need to rest.

Babies do not know the difference between day and night time. They don’t have normal sleep cycle unlike adults. They sleep for up to 17 hours a day but wake up every few hours. That is why it can be troublesome to get them sleep at night. You can help your baby develop a good sleeping pattern by practicing bedtime routines that would make them sleep all night.

Babies sleep requirement differs with their age. In the first two months of life, babies need feeding every two to three hours. So, most parents especially moms expect to have sleepless nights during this period. Pediatricians even recommend waking up newborn babies to feed when they sleep longer than three hours to avoid dehydration.  

By three to six months old, babies can stretch their sleep for up to six hours. This is the best time to start introducing bedtime routines to babies as they may no longer require night feeding. Provided that the babies are well fed before slumbering.

Here are some tips that can help your baby have a good night sleep.

  1. Use light strategically. This is a good way to initiate the idea of day and night to your baby. It’s helpful to keep the infant’s room bright during the day by opening windows or bringing him/her outside for some sunlight. Then use a dim light when it’s bedtime to help your baby figure out that it’s time to sleep. Darkness stimulates the brain to release melatonin which makes the body calm and fall asleep. When your baby wakes up at night, it’s important to soothe him/her back to sleep without turning on the light or bringing him/her to a brightly lit room. The shift from dark to light can fully awaken the baby.
  2. Play active games during the day and quite games at night. Energetic activities before bedtime can make baby too excited and want to play more.
  3. Give your baby a bath before bed time. Babies love the feeling of warm water. It’s similar to the soothing condition they experienced in the womb, making them relax and fall asleep fast.
  4. Put the baby to bed when he/she is drowsy, not asleep. A sleeping baby can be easily disturbed by small movements, change of position, and sounds. It can be very challenging to put them back to sleep when this happens. It is best to let them drift off on their own. This way, they are more likely to learn to soothe themselves back to sleep when their slumber is interrupted.
  5. Provide comfort. It’s important to feed and change your baby’s diaper before putting him/her to sleep. This prevents them from waking up in the middle of the night because of hunger or wet diaper. Also make sure that your little one is wearing comfortable clothes and his/her bed is neatly fixed.

Making your baby sleep all night not only ensure that your little one is getting enough rest that he/she needs to grow. It also allows you to get good sleep which you need to recharge your body and provide excellent care for your little angel.

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Isabella Whitmore is a mother of two. She likes sharing tips and guidelines about baby care to help especially first time parents to have confidence in taking care of their infants. She works at, an appliance website that offers a wide selection of electric kettles including BPA-free kettles which are safe for babies.