A destination wedding can be one of the best ways to get married to the love of your life, but only if it’s well planned and organized with professional help. So if you have finally chosen one of the Offbeat Wedding Venues in India to host your destination wedding, then get ready for the most important part ‘The Planning’.

Although destination weddings are fun, they can possibly turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan things ahead of time. How frustrating would it be if the venue is not decorated like you wanted it to be, or if your dress is not a perfect fit? Well, mishaps can occur at any given moment, and to avoid them, you must ensure everything is tested out ahead of time. But don’t fret, because we’re here to help you with everything you will need to host a destination wedding that’s not just perfect but also fun and full of joy.

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Here are a few tips on how you can plan your wedding with utmost perfection:

  •       Choose a significant location

No matter how much you love a particular spot from a city, if the wedding location does not have the major resources around, then it can get quite disastrous for you. Therefore, it is vital to always choose a location that will have facilities like a big enough hotel to accommodate your guests, a spacious wedding venue, and vendors nearby from where you can arrange any last-minute essentials.

  •       Send in the necessary items before time

There might be certain pieces of décor that you would want to incorporate in your wedding or the return gifts of guests that have to be distributed on the big day, all such items should be sent to your destination wedding location before time. There can be instances wherein certain items get damaged during shipment, or maybe something gets lost, so shipping everything in advance saves you from the trouble at the last hour.

  •       Hire a local wedding planner

A wedding planner organizer is absolutely important, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Although you would want to hire your favorite destination wedding planner in Mumbai for your wedding in Rajasthan, it is always suggested to hire a wedding planner who is local to the place you’re getting married at. This will save you a lot of time as your planner will know everything about the particular spot. Additionally, it can also save you some bucks to hire a wedding planner since they know everything and can get you the items you want at really good prices.

  •       Visit the wedding venue in advance

The last thing you want at your destination wedding is the décor and arrangement not turn out as you desired. So it is advised to visit your wedding venue well in advance to avoid any such thing from happening. You can check details like the décor, color theme, seating arrangements, and everything else when you make your visit. This ensures that everything is planned according to your requirements and hence, you can make the most of your destination wedding.

  •       Send out the invitations

If it’s a destination wedding, then you certainly have to inform your guests of everything ahead of time. Your close friends and family members should get enough time to apply for the required leave for their jobs and make proper arrangements to visit and be part of the best day of your life.

  •       Meet the vendors

If you’re intrigued to get vendors from your city to the city of your destination wedding, then you must know that you have to cover their travel and accommodation costs as well. This will add up unnecessary expenses in your budget. So a better way to go about it is to set up a meeting with local vendors from the city to understand their work and then make a decision to hire them.

You can make a list of all the vendors you will need, like florists, decorators, videographers, makeup artists, and musicians. You can also ask your wedding planner in Rajasthan to suggest good vendors as your planner will know which vendor is best for what work.

  •       Get your outfit and makeup sorted

This is one important part of your wedding planning because after all, your wedding outfit is going to be the center of attention for anyone who walks in. And of course, you and your partner would want to look like a dream on your big day, so it is crucial to try on your wedding outfits at least a month or two before your wedding so you can make the necessary alterations and ensure a perfectly fitting wedding ensemble.

A piece of advice would be to tailor your wedding outfits to the location. For instance, if you’re going to be married in Rajasthan, a light floral lehenga can be perfect for you, while a simplistic sherwani will look ideal on your partner.

Destination weddings can surely be a piece of cake, but only if they are planned and coordinated perfectly. So the best way to do it is to hire a wedding planner organiser who is an expert with their work and will make your dream of a perfect wedding come true. 

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Vasid Qureshi