If you want to know how to make her want you more, then you’re reading the right article. All over the world, many men are finding that their female counterparts are giving them less and less attention and importance as time goes by.

There’s no reason to panic though. Like any other challenges in life, there is a solution for your situation. Read on to learn how to make her want you more.

Step 1: Absence Makes The Heart Fonder.

When you’re always in her line of sight, you no longer become a hot commodity. When you’re always asking her out and you’re always available for her, then you are giving too much of your time away.

If you want to know how to make her want you more, then you have to keep your distance sometimes. I’m not saying that you should disappear, because that just might make her forget all about you. I’m saying you should make yourself scarce sometimes.

Learn the words “can I take a rain check.” That will surely make her wonder what other things you are involved in.

Step 2: Emphasize Your Best Assets.

What is it about you that is so appealing to women? Find out what that is and then amplify it to make you completely irresistible.

If ladies admire you for being intelligent, then show your intelligence off. If they like you for being funny, then use it as a weapon.

Keep in mind, however, that each woman has her own preferences and “hot buttons.” If the person you like appreciates straightforwardness, then be as straightforward as you can while not sacrificing your own personality in the process.

Step 3: Be Unconventional.

Standing out of the crowd will make any woman want you more. After all, who wants to be with a person who talks, acts and thinks just like everybody else?

In Hollywood, it’s those unconventional actors who are always chased by females. Just take a look at Johnny Depp. He’s not exactly the most dashing person there is, but he has a unique perspective in life as well as a unique way of expressing it; and ladies just can’t get enough.

Find your own brand of individuality and use it to draw in the person you like.

Every guy knows that women can be fickle. If you want to keep her by your side, then you have to learn how to make her want you more. Don’t be too complacent just because she’s interested. Keep things exciting and she'll do anything to be by your side.

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