Hypothyroidism, a common endocrine disorder due to the lack of thyroid hormone can be well cured by leading a healthy lifestyle with proper medications. Hashimoto's disease is one of the main diseases coming under the list of hypothyroidism or myxedema. Iodine deficiency, chronic throiditis, inflammations in thyroid gland and lack of thyroid hormone are some of the main causes leading way to hypothyroidism. Studies say that, women are ten times more prone to hypothyroidism than men. Giving birth to a baby with birth defects, heart disease and infertility are some of the risks affecting a hypothyroid patient. TSH, T3 and T4 tests are some of the tests performed in laboratories to determine the thyroid function. Obesity or over weight is an important impact of hypothyroidism. Let’s look how to lose weight with hypothyroidism by following simple tips.

Following a preplanned hypothyroidism diet is a best answer for the question how to lose weight with hypothyroidism. Patients with hypothyroidism are suggested to avoid the intake of fatty meats. Intake of food items rich in vitamin A is one of the best solutions supporting thyroid function. Food items like carrot, cod liver oil, eggs, sweet potato, apricots, butter, spinach and eggs help in enhanced production of thyroid hormone. Consumption of iodine rich food items is another way to promote the production of thyroid hormone. Sea fishes, sea kelp, sea weed, cauliflower and broccoli are some examples of food items with rich source of iodine. You can also supply iodine to the bloodstream by using a kelp supplement or by using iodine patch. Proper level of iodine in the body maintains the proper functioning of thyroid gland and helps in lowering the weight gained by hypothyroidism.

Drinking green tea is one among the important ways to lose weight with hypothyroidism. Green tea is a composition of ingredients like tannin, caffeine, saponins, theobromine and theophylline. Patients with hypothyroidism are often recommended to drink green tea at least twice a day. It helps in boosting energy levels and improving metabolic rate of the body. Doing regular exercises is another best technique to lose weight with hypothyroidism. Patients are advised to do regular exercises for at least thirty minutes a day for good results. Exercises like yoga exercises helps in easier blood circulation to the neck area which promote the proper functioning of thyroid gland. It enhances the production of thyroid hormone and improves the metabolic rate which in turn lowers the body weight of the person.

Patients with hypothyroidism are advised to avoid the intake of alcohol which retards the normal functioning of thyroid gland. Drinking alcohol lowers the production of thyroid hormone and decreases the metabolic rate causing obesity. Inclusion of food items rich in fiber content is an important solution suggested to lose weight with hypothyroidism. Oats, kidney beans, corns, raspberries and blackberries are some of the food items with rich concentration of fiber. Inclusion of foods rich in niacin, selenium, vitamin B6, polyphenols, riboflavin, vitamin E and zinc in diet also helps to lose weight with hypothyroidism.

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