When we ask ourselves, our friends, family, colleagues and so on, every individual will answer differently to what it means to be happy. Some want wealth, others want love, knowledge, health, peace, challenge and so on. Everyone will say what they think they lack the most at that moment; in other situations they may desire something else, more of what they already have or they might even get stuck trying to answer, not sure at what they wish for. It is almost like we always want more no matter how much we have.

So how can we be happy when most of us focus more intense on what we don’t have than on what we want? First we start with being grateful for what we have, so we may be happy for our health, profession, family, friends and so on. At that moment we start feeling good, happy. But we've just scratched the tip of the iceberg when we acknowledge what we have and get pleased, then happy. Next if we let ourselves continue on this path we start living the moment, savoring everything that is coming moment by moment. So now we are even happier than before and you could say we are holding firm to that scratched tip of the iceberg.

As we start touching the water in my metaphor we get hit by what is still missing, with our daily and long-terms problems. This is the moment the full potential of our persona comes into place, and it is at this stage that we need to use our secret weapon: THE MIND. We can, at this point use (either by remembering or learning) our inner power. There are many ways to use this power, and here are some examples:

The undeniable, unmatched law of attraction. What we think, ask, do, give and feel returns to us at the same intensity if not magnified. This is where too many people use the law of attraction in an self-destructive way:

1) by thinking negatively, like: I don’t have that, I can’t do that, it’s too hard, It’s impossible.

2) Asking for things to come manifest in the future and not in the present, which works like this "I want to have that…" - you just said that you don’t have that certain something now and effectively block yourself into not having and not getting it.

3) Doing negative, selfish acts (by that I mean people doing what they want, ignoring the fact that they may hurt others in the process).

4) Giving with the condition of receiving or giving only when one knows they will get at least the same back, if not more.

5) Feeling bad, depressed, angry, sad, desperate, fearful and so on.

So, think positively, say thank you while imagining you already have what you want (Thank you so much for having that thing and that person in my life, I feel good because of... insert wish here. Even if at that moment you don’t actually have it, live like you DO have it and it will become a reality. Of course, you can do whatever you want, as long as it does not affect others in a negative way. Give without asking for anything back, enjoy the feeling of giving with no strings attached. Feel good, happy, grateful, joyful, loving and loved.

To be continued in my next part on How to Live a Happy Life.

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I'm a freelancer writer, interested in health and spirituality; I'm working for now at http://plaiderai.org/en, and try to offer readers good information in order to help anyone interested to better their lives.