Anyone who has traveled with kids definitely knows that it’s quite a challenge. It’s not always easy keeping up with them and making them sit still the whole trip through. So what do you do to avoid hearing complaints and the infamous question “Are we there yet”?

  • Play Games

If you are traveling by land, there are numerous road trip games you can play with your little ones. Popular games include “I Spy,” “Car Scavenger Hunt,” “Travel Bingo” and color games. All you need to have to play these games are brainpower and an observing eye.

If you are traveling by air, you can give your children handheld games to keep them preoccupied. There are many available apps and games that are entertaining and educational at the same time. With the way kids are attracted to technology nowadays, this will surely keep them quiet throughout the trip.

When I was younger, I remember having a book to read on most of our family trips. I was the book lover type of kid, so my parents had no problem taking me to places. You can try this technique for your children as well. You can bring along a story book, a coloring book, a puzzle book or even a magazine to keep them busy. You can even let your kid choose what book he or she prefers before taking the trip. Of course, this option is applicable only for kids who don’t get car sick.

  • Make Them Watch Movies

One movie lasts for almost two hours. If you are going on a five-hour trip with your little munchkins, you can just let them watch two of their favorite movies and you won’t have to worry about them being bored. If you think two movies are just too long, you can let them watch short TV shows so that they can have breaks after each episode. If your car isn’t equipped with a movie player, then it’s time to buy one. Purchase the one you can mount on the back of the car seat's headrest for more convenience.

  • Pack Snacks

I think everyone agrees when I say that munching on your favorite snacks would make you stay put for a while. This is also true with kids. When you’re traveling with your kids, it is best to choose food that are less messy and a bit low on sugar. Remember, sugary foods will only make your them hyperactive - you might even have more trouble with that! Also don’t forget to bring drinks but make sure they are put in proper containers. Don’t overdo them too, unless you want numerous stopovers along the way.

  • Give Them A Dose Of Music

Load your kids’ MP3s and iPods with their favorite songs and audio books, if any. Listening to music they like will make them relax and hopefully make them sleep. Younger kids are more likely to enjoy nursery rhymes and educational childrens’ songs.

Keep these ideas in mind for a stress-free trip with the kids!

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