My son Liam is 2 years old now and growing fast in so many ways every day! As he is starting to talk a lot more and comprehend a lot more, I am becoming more aware of how to help Liam nurture and grow his natural psychic abilities.

I am very aware of how my spiritual abilities have grown in my 37 years of life, and that I have an understanding of who Liam is as a soul that my parents didn’t have until later in my life.

So many of you have lamented, “If only I knew about this stuff when I was a child!” Well, if you are a parent, you have the gift now of sharing spiritual understanding with your children that you never had at that age. It doesn’t matter how old your children are – it’s never too late. Even if they are grown and have left the house, they will benefit from your spiritual growth. Your children’s age will dictate how much you will say and how you will say it. I’ll leave it to your common sense to figure that part out.

I’m not a perfect parent by any means! (Is there any such thing?) But today I want to share with you some things that I have done with Liam in the hope that these tips will spark some ideas for you to do with your own children. (Or if you don’t have children, your nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, etc!)

1. Teach them how to cleanse.

Liam has done his own version of cleansing since he was 14 months old. We went to summer camp in Osceola, Iowa in July last year and everyone there was cleansing. He picked it up just by watching and learning!

Now we cleanse every night when I am putting him to bed. We also cleanse his favourite soft toys, so it becomes a fun game for him too.

Kids are never too young to learn how to cleanse. It will help them to be relaxed and to not pick up unwanted thoughts and feelings that don’t belong to them. It will help them tune in to their own angels and inner guidance so they are more aware of their sensitivity. If they feel pressure, you can tell them to cleanse so they feel more calm and relaxed.

2. Allow them as much freedom as you can stand.

Part of your role as a parent is to keep your children safe and to learn the boundaries of society. Right now I am very conscious that Liam doesn’t fully comprehend the idea of not running out in front of cars, and so I am cautious in public parking lots.

But in other areas, I am stepping back and extending his boundaries. When he is safely in the house, I don’t need to watch him all the time anymore. He is learning to play on his own with his toys.

This past weekend we went swimming at the lake. I sat in the shallow and allowed him to run and play. There were a few times when he tripped and went under, or went slightly out of his depth. Instead of saving him immediately, I hung back to see if he could do it on his own. I was close enough that if he really was in danger, I could grab him. But I allowed him to have his own learning opportunity.

As your children get older, you will be constantly stepping back and allowing them to do more and more on their own. Giving your children freedom to learn from their own experiences is the best thing you can do for them spiritually. I think it’s more important than any grade they will get at school! They will learn to be independent, free and TRUST themselves.

Self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness are rampant in our society. Self-doubt originated when you were a child, and instead of learning to trust your own sensitivity, the adults around you stepped in and told you what to do based on their concepts of right and wrong. Slowly but surely, you learned to wait to be told by someone else what is right, instead of trusting what you felt inside.

You can reverse this pattern with your children by giving them the freedom to listen to their own inner guidance. The more practice they get with this when they are little, the more it will empower them as adults. They won’t have to spend years re-learning how to trust their intuition – it will come naturally to them.

3. Learn their spiritual gift order.

We had Liam’s Orientation Profile done for him when he was 2 months old. I learned that his gift order is Intuition, Feeling, Vision, Prophecy. Knowing that he is an Intuitive first helps me to communicate and to direct him in the way that he operates best. Intuitives need to hear directions and they are natural leaders. They like to be in action and accomplishing something. Liam loves to keep busy and be involved. Intuitives also have true concern for people. This morning, Liam picked a flower from the lawn and told me he was giving it to Tracy (his babysitter). He held that flower in his hands for the entire car ride, and gave it to Tracy when we arrived. What true concern!

By learning your child’s gift order you will know how to work with them. You will be more patient and understanding. It is especially important if your child has a different gift from you. If you have a feeler, be more patient with them. It takes a while to get a solid feeling. If you have a visionary, show them how to do something, don’t just tell them. If you have a prophetic, be patient with them, as they seem to go in 10 different directions at once, and nurture their creativity. If you have an intuitive, give them clear verbal directions and then leave them alone to accomplish for themselves.

4. Share your unconditional love with your children.

The most important thing you can do for your children is let them know that they are loved. Be sure to communicate this in an outward way; don’t just assume that they know it. An outdated concept is to think that children will become self-centered when they think positive things about themselves. When I was young I heard things like, “Don’t get too big for your boots” or “You are up-yourself” or “You’re a try-hard” (Like trying hard is a bad thing??)

That didn’t come directly from my parents, more from the kids at school. But if kids are saying it at school, it shows the concepts they are picking up from the world around them. I grew up in New Zealand, so the phrases you heard might be slightly different. But I’m willing to bet you picked up similar concepts of not standing out in the crowd or showing off.

It’s like society wants us to be mediocre. We need to reverse this by sharing with our kids that they are amazing, perfect and loved. They can feel good about themselves and be proud of themselves. Instead of holding back, they will learn to take risks and be successful.

5. Don’t take their behaviour personally.

The way your children behave is not a reflection on you. You can’t take it personally. With Liam, he is 2, so sometimes he has a tantrum. At that moment I have a choice about how I am going to respond. I could get annoyed, angry, etc. I could lament, “Why is he throwing a tantrum now, the one time we are already running late?!” That would be making it about me. You might feel that your child is punishing you in some way.

But really, it’s nothing to do with you. If your child acts out, there is something else that they are trying to communicate. They are showing you that they are upset. That’s it. They are not out to ruin your day!!

The best thing you can do is be patient. Don’t make it about you. Instead, take a deep breath and discern what your child is really trying to communicate. Often when the are little they simply don’t have the words to describe it. When they are older, they can be acting out to get your attention in some way.

With Liam I’ve noticed that he has a tantrum when he wanted to something on his own, and I did it for him. He wants to be independent. So I use this trait to invite cooperation. When it’s time for him to go to daycare, I don’t’ say, “Right, stop playing and get in the car.” That would just cause him to scream!

Instead I say, “Can you show me how you put your shoes on by yourself?” and he runs to it!

Overall, the best thing you can do is be an example to your children. They don’t learn from what you say, but from what you do. The more you stay relaxed and patient, they will too. Enjoy the greatest spiritual growth journey you’ll ever experience this lifetime!

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