Many people are very interested in finding out more about how to get rid of cellulite. The latter is an unpleasant lumpiness of the skin that is similar in appearance to an orange peel. It is usually most obvious on a person's stomach, thighs and buttocks and is more common in women than men.

Cellulite is the result of fat pushing through the connective tissue layers that are located under the skin. Many people think that only overweight individuals experience this problem but this is not the case. People of various weights and different physical fitness levels can become victims of the condition.

There are many causes of these unsightly pockets of fat such as following a poor diet. In addition, those who participate in little or no exercise often experience the problem at some point in their life. Not being adequately hydrated can also result in the appearance of these pockets of fat.

There are some individuals, however, who are not in any of the aforementioned categories but experience the condition due to their skin type. The latter plays a role in who will suffer from this annoying condition. Many people are happy to discover that there are effective ways to reduce the appearance of this type of fat, and in some cases, eliminate it entirely.

An adequate exercise plan is one of the best weapons against these unattractive lumps. The best choices when one is selecting exercises are those that tone the body such as lunges and squats. When such workouts are done regularly, the appearance of the bumpy fat can be drastically reduced.

Cardiovascular exercise such as cycling or jogging can also help to decrease these troublesome fatty stores. This is because they speed one's metabolism and help him or her to shed excess pounds. Those who need a low impact aerobic activity should consider swimming as an alternative to the aforementioned options.

Creams are also available, the proponents of which state they will smooth away the characteristic bumps and lumps of cellulite. Many of these products contain an active ingredient called aminophylline, which is said to dissolve deposits of fat under the skin's surface. One must be careful, however, with such treatments as they can narrow the person's blood vessels.

Natural treatments for cellulite are available as well such as Gotu Kola, which is an herb that is said to firm up the connective tissues underneath the skin. However, it should not be confused with kola nut, which is a stimulant. Bladderwrack is another herb that is sold for the purpose of reducing the appearance of cellulite. While these herbs are not yet FDA approved for this purpose, most online reviews state that the majority of consumers have had positive results from their use.

Liposuction is also a possibility for those who are wondering how to get rid of cellulite. Most people have good results when this procedure is used to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. This is especially true if the person is not excessively overweight, but simply has a problem with fatty deposits under the skin. However, regardless of the remedy that a person finds appealing, it is wise to speak to a doctor before beginning any new treatment.

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