“Beauty is Truth” is what John Keats has said centuries before. Humans by nature have always been attracted towards beautyand that’s why men in particular love beautifully built bodies. Extreme of everything is bad and too thin body seems to be ugly. So young men with thin bodies in their twenties love to beautify their bodies by gaining some extra muscle mass. Here let it be pointed out that gaining muscle mass has nothing to do with obesity. Where gaining muscle mass beautifies body, burning fats works miracle to make body adorable.

THERE are so many ways to gain muscle mass and most of the time the safe and secure short cuts include the intake of right whey proteins in the right dosage along with proper work outs. Taking right whey protein and supplements are equal in proportion to doing right work out. Young folks in developing countries working out with no or less supplements may lead to physical weakness. Taking too much supplements without proper work outs, on the other hand may result in obesity and body instead of getting into better shape may adapt a pretty ugly shape.
In order to gain muscle mass for lean muscles, there is a worldwide famous sport that is, bodybuilding.

The process of gaining muscle mass through body building is a long and continued process demanding a great deal of perseverance. The only goal of this sport is to gain lean muscle mass through rigorous work outs. To achieve that objective, you need three point-agenda to resound in harmony to successfully achieve your body composition goals. And the three-point-agenda is

1. Proper diet to gain lean muscle mass and lose fats,
2. A vigorous and consistent training program along with proper rest,
3. A disciplined mindset fully resolved to gain the set objectives.

When it comes to diet, it is the most important to build lean muscle mass. The primary concept behind the proper diet is that the diet should be enrich in macronutrients to gain leans muscle mass, retain proper energy for the work outs, and help the muscle to recover or repair in case of any damage. As per Del Monte, (2013), a basic diet should allow one to gain anywhere from a half to two pounds of muscle per week. This is only possible when one’s diet contains high protein, proper amounts of carbohydrates, and high in right quality fats.

The said balanced diet is much necessary to generate the amount of calories essentially needed to help in the following work outs. Following the above stated three-point-agenda, one can easily gain lean muscle mass and more quickly. Mass gainers are with a lot of benefits.

Notwithstanding, it is very much important to discuss the very dangerous and sometime fatal phenomenon of taking steroids to gain a better attractive personality at a faster pace. Steroids could be defined as naturally produced hormones by the body to perform normal bodily biological functions. For example, growth of muscles, repair of muscles and sleep patterns etc. In order gain lean muscle mass and lose weight and burn fats at a faster pace, young people fall prey to synthetic steroids that they purchase legally from pharmacy. The long term use of synthetic steroids could lead to fatal consequences. That is why they are banned in sports competition where sportsmen love to take steroids to improve their physical performance and excel in the playgrounds.

But before heading to purchase any of the supplements to gain lean muscle mass, it is highly recommended to consult your medical expert available at the gym for the right type of supplement matching work up needs and biological acceptability of your body.

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