It has become a mandate that one needs to maintain his/her presence on the digital platform. Digitalization has brought to that stage now. The website has become one’s identity in the digital world. There is a popular saying which goes like this, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. Unfortunately, most of the judgment is made based on the cover. It is not a wise move to fuzz about the irony here, so it is time to make sure the cover is designed the right way to gain the best impression upon the first look. This fact holds good for a website design in all perceptions. Lets now dive into this article and check out how to design a website that drives conversions.

Synopsis: Meera & Riya – Family ties to business allies.
Meera is a successful businesswoman in her early thirties who has firmly established her identity in the publishing domain. She happens to get a call from her cousin-sister (more of her own sister) who is in her early twenties regarding a glitch on her website. Meera is not sure of what Riya was talking about and she asks her to come down to her place and explain it to her. Riya flies to Meeras’ the day after and Meera takes her to her office and they both sit for a discussion.

Engaging Conversation
The following conversation happens as both start talking about Meera’s business proceedings online.

Meera: Riya, what was the glitch that you noticed on my website?
Riya: Well Meera, your website seems to be crashing often and it is taking forever to get the first glimpse of your website.
Meera: Maybe the internet was down Riya. Patience toddler!
Riya: Well, well, well! If it isn’t for the big-sis tantrums now! Meera! I am not kidding, I am serious here. This is a glitch that needs some serious attention!
Meera: Okay dear, I’m listening.
Riya: Good, now that I’ve got your attention, let me plunge into the intricacies. Meera, I hope you do have someone to check and maintain your website and your accounts on the entire digital platform?
Meera: Well, not right now, I did have an agency to do the initial setup of the website and everything, after which, I did not pay much attention to it. Since I manage most of the communication from my email, I am not quite sure of the current status dear.
Riya: How can you say something like this Sissy?! The world is revolving on the digital platform now and you need to make sure you make your presence online is stay put. Business leads and consistency depends on that Meera!
Meera: I heard that you got a certification course done on advanced Digital Marketing. Do you think you can help me out with this Riya?
Riya: What do you mean ‘do you think you can help me?’!!! I am currently taking up the position of the digital marketer of your business. You can send me an appointment letter later!
Meera: Hahaha! Millennials today!! Uff! Alright, Riya! Could you please use these credentials and tell me how to start or restart?
(Riya runs a quick check of the website and gives a tragic look to Meera!)
Meera: So, what’s the bad news?
Riya: Well, your website is officially dead Sis!
Meera: Oh my! RIP website!
Riya: Meera! Not funny! I am going to build from scratch.
Meera: Okay Madam! Could you please tell me the details as you build now?
Riya: First things first! Let me jot down the essentials that I need on your website. This is mostly theoretical. Pull the chair closer, let me quickly lecture you. This can’t get any better!
Meera: Can’t get any better? Am I missing a pun here?
Riya: As usual! Just imagine, I’m going to give a lecture to my bigger Sis
Meera: Hahaha! Very funny! Don’t forget that I am forever a good student! Let us begin.
Riya: Right! There are many things in this and if you go on explaining everything to you, you will probably have your head go for a merry go round. So, to have still sit put beside me, let me break the whole thing in simple terms and I’ll highlight important features. Ready or not. Here it goes!

Navigation from Search Engine’s Search Bar to your Landing Page

It is important to keep SEO keywords and organic search protocols in this phase. Keywords are nothing but the words that the users generally use to find what they want on the internet. So, our website needs to come on the front search result pages and for that, you need to have super important keywords that match your website’s purpose.
So, once your website comes up on the search results, people click on it and the first page on your website where they get to land is called the landing page of the website. Here in this phase, the other catch is the loading time of your website. So, we need to keep the parameters that will cut short the loading time in order to make your website load literally in less than three seconds because this is an ideal loading time that gives a positive hit and hook rate.

Website Design Strategies

The following are the top 5 website design strategies that will help in getting a ‘visit’ to a ‘conversion’.

Not too many options

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Yes, it is true indeed, not just in the catering domain, but also in the website design domain. Having too many options will only make the customer/client confused. Know what you have/serve and portray that to the point. It is enough for you to know the details of the details, you do not need to display all of them on the website. Hick’s Law states this pretty clearly. When customers are given so many options, they take a lot of time to zero in on a conclusion or they may go without concluding at all.

Spaces that catches the eye

On the screen, be it on the desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphones, there is always a geometry in play. You need to place the content be it verbose or visual, on the correct part grid of the plane so that you get the maximum advantage of it. Rule of thirds tells that the 4 points of intersection are the 3x3 matrix are the hotspots.
Also having a fullscreen welcome design will allow the person viewing your website to look into the essential things first and make choices upon that. This is a wonderful way to make leads to conversions.

Silence is good

Silence has its own authentic beauty. Silence in terms of website design is the blank space that is made to appear on the website. There are two perspectives in general. One is to make the website fill up the screen and the other is to use the blank space to add spice to the essence. Having silence on your website makes the viewer view the target and upon highlighting the call to action button in addition to the silence will definitely fetch you a rewarding output which is ultimately the conversion.

Rainbow is colorful

Of course, the rainbow is colorful! Colour is something that attracts the brain from an unexplainable point of view. There are certain color contrasts that will be huge no matter what the context is. The science behind that is basically the visual perception of our eyes. So, maintaining the contrasts and the right mix of the acceptable color perceptions will help a huge deal. It is good to maintain high contrasts on the texts and for the call to buttons bright colors. This will help in converting leads to conversions for sure.

KISS – Content’s Mantra

KISS - Keep It Short & Simple; Makes sense now, right? Content is king they say. King’s say needs to be short and crisp. The more elaborate and draggy it is, the more people tend to lose interest and will not pay attention. Similarly, contents need to be short and simple. For SEO ranking purposes, having keywords in mind and writing the contents will be even more fruitful. Blogs tend to be resourceful to many customers/clients/internet surfers. Hence it is essential to cater to content that will be resourceful. This will benefit in the overall ranking and will generate leads who will in due course of time turn into conversions.

Riya’s Concluding Remarks

Riya: So, Meera, I hope you now have a basic insight on what your website will have once I get it designed, right? There are more, but, knowing this is actually helpful for you to watch out for the major issues in the future. This will be a checklist to keep optimizing and come out with a beautiful website that converts leads into conversions.
Meera: Absolutely Meera. I’m proud to have such a smart cousin as my sister!
Riya: Always the best! Hehe!

In the above scenario, Riya explains Meera about the important parameters that will effectively turn leads into conversions. While designing a website, it is essential to keep all the above strategies in mind. These website design parameters are sure to fetch conversions from leads. For those who are into website design services, watch out for the continuously evolving website design strategies to enhance the overall business and gain more conversions.

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William Hills is a technical writer at JanBask. He loves writing and sharing topics on Web Design Services, Web Development, E-commerce Website Development & Digital Marketing services and latest trends going around in web world.