Occasionally we all get those moments when we feel a little sorry for ourselves or that the world is not always quite so fair. Happens to all of us, certainly has done to me and I am sure it is the same for you as well. Having the odd moments of Thoughts Leading to Nought are part and parcel of our existence as humans. The difference is in our ability to be accepting of these moments. Oh, we can be…but definitely not for too very long!
Just as negative thinking can become habit forming, equally so can thinking in terms of positive outcomes and good things coming into your life. So, next time you are having Thoughts Leading to Nought don’t dwell on them or feel disappointed with yourself. Accept this has happened and that’s okay because it is all part of being human; then instead begin to focus on a positive happening you recently experienced or remember to feel a little gratitude for the good things in your life. Turn away from the bad feelings and you will soon train yourself to have a new attitude. With the right mindset, anything that is possible is possible!

The journey of evolving into the ultimate version of ourselves, the person we have the latent potential to be, for sure brightly illuminates any issues we might be holding onto in all too startling naked clarity.
Taking one step further into self-defeating mindsets than the temporary Thoughts Leading to Nought is to become aware there exists there within us a more deeply rooted Victim Mentality. Awareness is a wonderful thing and holds a mirror up to ourselves defining those areas we need to work on.
A Victim Mentality is the expectation of terrible things happening in life and feeling kind of vindicated when they manifest. Victim Mentality is a comfort trap just like any other. One firmly held mindset which serves to keep us rooted in The Third Thought.
The dweller within Victim Mentality constantly acts out and says negative words, bizarrely quite often seldom even realising they are really behaving in such a self-defeating way. These individuals are genuinely unaware they are doing this as the pattern is so acutely embedded in their thoughts and vocabulary. Someone I once knew who was otherwise well enlightened, sadly had one hang-over from her old days - she constantly used self-defeating language. Projecting her negative thoughts through her words and yet paradoxically she honestly failed to recognise she ever did this no matter how often it was gently pointed out to her. Recording her conversations and playing them back to her finally opened her eyes to the stark reality.
Once we are aware we are trapped in victim mentality (no more capital letters) we are happily free to create a new reality. It is going to take willpower to break the habit and constant vigilance. Wonderful if we do have someone in our life we can trust to assist in the quest, requesting of them to gently point out any happenings where self-defeating talk enters our vocabulary. Slowly but surely it is possible to re-programme our thinking and leave victim mentality behind.
The more positive events starting to show forth as our new life experience, even early on in the transformational process, adding some much-appreciated motivation, encouraging our continued adherence to moving further away into personal freedom.


Author's Bio: 

Out of my wish to further help others, over two decades ago, I studied body language to gain my certification and registration with Associated Stress Consultants.
Things happening at the right time, with a beautifully synchronicity, is a pattern throughout my life. Meditation is something I have practised since quite early on in my life. I thrill at showing others how much calmer their lives can be by bringing meditation into their daily routine; and this all initially came about through a request at one of my others shows from the audience for me to come back to teach them how to meditate and some relaxation techniques. Be aware my friends, the life-plan you ought to be taking is usually made obvious, grab it and see where it takes you!