When someone you love deals with a health problem that cannot be easily solved, the healthy ego sometimes has a hard time dealing with it. Having no solution to their problem creates a disequilibrium that feels uncomfortable. Whenever we have nothing to do when we face a challenge, it is not only uncomfortable; it inhibits our deepest wisdom from manifesting. This is true for both the patient and the caring observer.

When the focus is on love, that disequilibrium doesn’t block you from manifesting. When the observer loves the patient, like in a parent/child relationship; love can give you the courage to deal with any challenge. When the patient loves themselves more than disruptive thinking, they can tap inner resources that are essential in healing. Unfortunately the normal focus is on thinking and the heart plays a secondary role. As the love grows, there is a natural reaction that comes from deep within that has powerful inner resources needed to meet your challenge.

The power of simple love meets the challenge of poor health within you or a sick loved one, with kindness and qualities that supports healing. The key for simple love to play this powerful role is easy; you need to trust more than your thinking mind. Trust your heart and your deepest inner wisdom and you will become a perfect partner with medical professionals.

The way we were treated in the past tends to be the way we treat ourself; if you were loved with kindness, that tends to be the way you relate to yourself. Often, when we know someone who is sick, it may be harder on us than them. That means that the person who is sick and their caregivers also need to tap inner resources that are deeper than their conditioned ego. This is what I mean for “A Healthy Way to be Sick”. Poor health is an opportunity for everyone involved to deepen their focus and grow.

The best thing that both the patient and supportive people can do for each other is to demand a realness that takes their focus beyond conditioned habits. This creates a conscious communication, which demands personal growth and activates the Wisdom of the Body. Healing is like a dance between the patient and those who surround them. The music they all need to follow comes from a depth where the Wisdom of the Body exists. The quality of life and true healing doesn’t depend on the health of your body; it depends on your focus. Everybody concerned has to take this responsibility seriously.

© 2010 Marc Lerner and Life Skills

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Marc Lerner is the President of Life Skills Institute and has been working with people in a health struggle for over 29 years. He is the author of A HEALTHY WAY TO BE SICK, which teaches you how to consciously create yourself in the midst of a health challenge. You can view a mini-copy of this book at: http://ahealthywaytobesick.org He also conducts tele-seminars that lead you through the main techniques of this book, where you will do over 20 experiential techniques on your own to support the main techniques. We have to be conscious of how you create yourself.
Marc has had MS for 29 years, is legally blind and in a wheelchair. The idea of a healthy way to be sick reflects a positive spirit during difficult times. If a patient consciously approached the healing process, they would become valuable partners with their doctor. Marc has been working with people in a health crisis for decades and knows that this is a significant resource in a national health plan. Marc has developed simple techniques that transport your consciousness to powerful inner resources which can reduce medical expenses and personal anxiety.