Why do we need to know how to be calm, cool and collected? That's because all of us get stressed. The things we have to do and the problems we have to solve - they never seem to end.

With too much on our plate and too little time to do them efficiently, sometimes we can't help but feel frustrated and angry over the little things that don't go our way. This is why it's important to keep ourselves together, especially during crises.

Learning how to be calm, cool and collected during difficult times puts you ahead of the game and separates the leader from the rest.

When faced with an emergency, it's important to keep all these emotions at bay. This will help in ensuring that we still perform our best despite the pressure.

Here are a few things that could help you to be calm, cool and collected in times where we might just blow off.

Step 1: Be Aware Of Your Emotions.

Acknowledge that you feel angry, disappointed, hurt or upset. Recognizing your emotions helps control sudden "outbursts." Talk yourself into calming down and remind yourself that nothing good comes out from making rash decisions.

Step 2: Think.

If you're in a heated argument, think about what you're losing. Think about what the outcome will be.

Breathe deeply and lower you voice. Keep in mind that yelling at each other won't solve anything. Take the initiative to approach the situation reasonably and show others how to be calm, cool and collected by example.

Step 3: Remove Yourself From The Situation.

When there's nothing that can be done, get yourself out of there. Go out for air, take a walk, meditate... anything to have some peace. Insistent nagging and arguing will only make matters worse.

Allow yourself some time and space, so you can come back to it with a fresh perspective. Learn how to be calm, cool and collected by being patient, logical and rational.

We all lose our tempers; we get frustrated, disappointed or infuriated. But by being able to maintain your composure, you will not only make you feel good about yourself, it will also improve the way other people see you.

Take the unnecessary stress away from your life - stop fussing over the most trivial things, or going off about matters you can do something about.

Life is too short to spend it worrying or focusing on the little negative matters. Learning how to be calm, cool and collected will help us get the most out of every situation.

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