It’s been a few years since I regularly attended live events and in 2010 I decided it was time to see what’s been going on that I might not know. I’m always open to learning and it’s a great way to connect with people I might not know.

However, I’m now 69 and certainly didn’t take into account how my own level of energy might be if it was a two or three day event or, horror of horrors 4 days, which one was!

The main thing I realized after the first live event I attended last year was that over the course of three days all the information can be very overwhelming and that in the future I needed to plan ahead so I had the energy to hear what the expert/s were sharing or it was a waste of time and also decide in advance which of the notes I could actually put into action and which were unnecessary.

After that event I planned in advance. Why was I thinking of attending? What would I get out of the event? It’s not necessary to buy everything the speakers are offering!

Don’t make rash decisions which, although I know better from past experience, I got caught up in the excitement and did join a program however, in thinking about it when I arrived back realized it didn’t even fit my business plan and had to cancel it.

I also realized that except for the first day when I needed to register and get a decent seat I could really choose which speakers I wanted to listen to that would give me what I needed for my business. I didn’t necessarily have to attend every session.

If you happen to be one of the speakers don’t attend every other speaker’s sessions or you won’t have the energy you need when it comes time for you to speak.

Make sure you have lots of promo. material with you. At the first event I ran out of business cards so valuable information was not gathered. Also, keep a small notebook available for any notations that won’t go on a business card someone gives you.

When you hand out business cards ask people if they are OK with being added to your list. Just make sure they know they can unsubscribe any time they wish. If they say no don’t be offended just respect their decision and send a follow up email letting them know how nice it was to meet them. If you have a mailing address you might even want to send a card.

Live events are great ways to meet people who might be a good fit to be a joint venture partner. From going to events I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest expert on a number of tele-summits which has allowed me to increase my list, meet new contacts and have the Joint venture partners when I need people to participate in a promotion I might be doing.

At one event I attended I hadn’t been to the city before so I added an extra day so I could see the city. I recommend doing this at the beginning of the event so you have time to relax and unwind before taking in lots of information. You may too tired at the end but if it works for you that’s great.

From an event I attended in WA, DC, I met a truly fabulous woman and we have since become very good friends on a personal level. We found we had lots in common beside business and although she lives in DC and I live in CA, we speak each week and we met when she came here to visit family. You may not click this way with everyone but don’t be afraid to connect with people on more than a business level if it feels right.

I have another event coming up in the California area and that friend is flying in to attend too so I’m going the day before the event starts to spend some time with her.

If finances allow, even if the event is within driving distance, stay at the event location. First because if you live in a city like LA driving back and forth in heavy traffic after spending a long day of learning is exhausting (I only tried it once, but never again.) Also, when you stay at the event hotel there’s really a different energy and you can go up to your room anytime you wish.

A little tip if you’re over 60! Check and see if the hotel offers a senior discount rate, most of them do however ask what age they consider to be a senior, some want you to be 62. This rate is usually a lot less expensive than the events special rate. If you’re not a senior much as it’s great to support the event hosts you don’t want to spend unnecessary money so check with the hotel to make sure the event ‘special’ rate really is the lowest rate available.

If you put some of these suggestions in place before your next event/convention you really will find you are much more energized and that you enjoy it much more.

Author's Bio: 

Hazel Palache is a certified results coach, speaker and best selling author as well as a certified NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. She teaches women-preneurs how to attract more clients, work less while making more money so they can delete stress and have financial freedom. She brings 25 plus years experience in the fields of personal development, psychology, spirituality and business.