Forex day traders use the forex analysis when they want to determine the sell and buy signals on the major currency pairs. The analysis can be either fundamental or technical in nature. The technical analysis uses tools like charts and the fundamental analysis can be done via news-based events and economic indicators.
Types of Forex Analysis
The analysis of the can be one out of three types.

Fundamental Analysis:

This type of analysis is done generally when the changes in the forex market are looked upon with references take from things like unemployment rates, interest rates, GDP and, a lot of different economic data that countries produce.

For example, a trader trading in USD/EUR will need the information of the interest rates on the US dollar more than that of the euro These traders will also be looking forward to any news taht comes out of the regions of the united states Of America.

Technical analysis:

Technical Analysis can be done manually and automatically with the help of specifically designed systems as well. The manual system is when the trader analyses different trading indicators and then makes the trading decision to whether but or sell. In the automated system, the trader’s self-learning software makes the trading decisions that are based on the research application bred inside the system. There are several advantages of automated analysis over manual analysis but what it does is, takes the behavioral study of the market out of the picture.

Weekend analysis:

The weekend analysis is done to achieve two things. First, is when the traders want to establish a bigger picture about the particular asset or market of interest, and second, an analysis on the weekend can give the traders a head start for the next weekend. The weekend analysis is also done to create an architectural basis for the trades that have to be made in the next week

How to Apply Forex Market Analysis?

Analyzing the market is different and then applying the received information is a whole different thing. A person who holds a master’s degree in stats cannot do anything about it if the person does not know how to use python.

1. Realise who are the Drivers:

The art of trading is to understand the existence of a relationship between two markets and then understanding why they exist in the first place. It is very important that the trader gets a hold of the constant that change is and it is also for a trader to understand that relationships between two markets can change at any time.
When a market is showing clear signs of reversals, the first thing that the traders should do is to questions why is that happening, instead of making decisions straight away.

2. Always chart the indexes:

If the trader charts the indexes, then it can help him or her in the survival for the long game. There are indexes taht track a lot of different companies, ranging from small to mid to large-cap firms. Tracking such indexes can be of great help in analyzing the forex market as well.

In 2009, gold was taking all-time highs and no one knew why. As a result, the fiat currency started losing its value and a rapid need for a balance. Why would that happen, is still a question by many but no one knows for sure what drove this change. Wahs it the boom in commodities or the need of returning to the hard metal was such important.

3. Time your Trades:

The timing of the trade can play a crucial role in the trade being successful or unsuccessful. Make a move too early and you have lost the opportunity to enter the right market. Make a move too late and the opportunity t earn in the right market is already gone. The timing of the trade is as important as that of the correct capital, or the right broker, or the right asset.

A lot of traders do not pay heed to this particular point but that is not right.
The best time to enter the market is when it has just opened. That is the time when the market is most volatile. Fibonacci retracement strategy can be used to enter the trades and th sam can be used to exit the trades as well

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The Bottom Line

No one can say that technical analysis is best or fundamental analysis is the best. It is up to the traders what they want to do with the analysis options they have in front of them. Mostly, a cocktail of both the analysis is what makes traders successful.

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