Summary: The pope with more gold than anyone, is not like Donald Trump, wanting to help America to do the same. Those who don't learn from history are destined to repeat it. Trouble for America is impending as money and freedom fade.

As a college student, I spent a summer in Colombia and Venezuela where I saw Communist demonstrations. Half the people couldn't read or write. They lived in poverty so that promises made by Communism found fertile soil in the hearts of poor, illiterate people.

But why their plight? Those countries had been colonized by Spain about the same time that America was colonized by England. The crucial difference is clued by the Spanish word for library, bibliotecca, which sounds like Bible tech in English.

America was founded by people with Bible tech, but in Latin America, Bible tech was an afterthought related to mass—something that only the priest could understand.

America's founders forged a Constitution based on the Bible, the original self-government document. A Communist student from China at Harvard observed that the difference with America was our religion that made people internalize the laws in their accountability to God. Police haven't been so necessary, but that's changing since we kicked God out of classrooms and courtrooms. Soon we will not be able to hire enough police and freedoms will be gone.

Googling “gold to the Vatican,” 7,080,000 results suggest the pope is sitting on tons of gold. How did he get it? He got it from poor people who would give their last peso to get papa out of purgatory, a word that is not found in the Bible, but it works for those who only go to mass or confessional. Forgiveness for sin is another way of “going for the gold,” but it cheapens the price Christ paid for us.

That process means no victory over sin, as frequent accounts of priestly pedophilia suggest. The pope also declines to judge homosexuality because the priesthood has plenty, and alcoholics many, according to a priest that I took home from the Emergency Room when I was in medical training.

To top these problems off, the Syllabus of Errors issued by Pope Pious IX “condemns freedom of religion, conscience, speech, press, as it asserts the pope’s temporal authority over all civil rulers: 1864.” (Google to see pdf online).

The papacy says no man is free to embrace and profess that religion which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true. (June 9, 1862). They teach that “the Catholic religion should be held as the only religion of the State, to the exclusion of all other forms of worship.” We need some Luthers!

Men of science sometimes scorn what they believe are unscientific statements in the Bible that cannot be tested by a controlled experiment, so they opinion is debatable. But when it comes to Latin America and Catholicism, the results of centuries are undeniable.

The US Congress, sworn by solemn oath to protect the Constitution, is duty-bound to turn a deaf ear to any appeals of the pope, while suggesting that he use his gold to help those that his system robbed.

Because previous papal visits have been associated with serious market reactions, a downturn starting September 14/15 would be a biblical sign on the new moon—Feast of Trumpets. The 1st trumpet in Revelation 8:7 may be economic collapse because, “as the flower of the grass, so shall the rich man fade,” James 1:9-11 in King James Bible.
If so, it will be time to turn the TV off (largely responsible for the demoralization of America) and get “Back to Basics.” The Bible in mind and heart is more important than “what's in your wallet!”

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose focus in retirement has been Bible prophecy. His ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and for those without Kindle, he offers a pdf with a bonus for visiting his website, He offers further information on the pope's visit at