Why healthy teeth matters for an overall good health

Taking care of your teeth does a lot more than just giving you a radiant smile. Healthy teeth have a positive impact on your body. A healthy mouth and a healthy body go together. There are several diseases that are linked with your oral hygiene which is why oral health contributes a lot to how your overall body works.

Healthy teeth and gums play a major role in your overall health which is why treating your kids the basic habits like brushing, flossing, rinsing and mouth washing can be pretty fruitful when they reach the adulthood.

How gum disease effects your health

Gum Diseases do not only remain within the mouth as their damages continue to affect the whole body. Gum diseases often referred as periodontal disease have an impact on the overall health. There are several serious diseases which are caused by gum diseases, such as

  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Attack
  • Low Pre-term birth
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Osteoporosis
  • Digestive diseases

Untreated gum diseases can reduce life-expectancy. It also effects how well your immune system works. This is why one can never ignore how gum diseases are restricted to your mouth.

Taking care of your oral hygiene will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Decayed teeth and irritated gums result into bad breath. Bad breath does not only affect our confidence it also damaged our self-esteem. If you have no dental issues you might never have to be a victim of bad breath.

Having no dental issues means your teeth are radiant where there is no obstacle towards a beautiful all-teeth smile. A healthy mouth with no gum disease is definitely the one where you can eat almost everything you want. Moreover, you can also sleep better with no aching teeth.

Healthy teeth lower the risk of heart diseases

Gum diseases which are linked with chronic inflammation of the gum may result in several heart issues. Cardiovascular diseases that include heart diseases, strokes and blood vessel blockage are some of the common issues that emerge from poor dental condition.

Several researches have been carried out to prove the link between gum disease and other health problems. There is link that cannot be ignored. This is why doctors have stressed upon the need to carry out regular dental checkups for a healthier body.

Reduces risks of inflammation and infection in your body

Another favor that you get from dental checkups is how you are safe from developing infection in other parts of the body. According to a recent research (done at Tannlege Bergen) gum disease cause rheumatoid arthritis which is the inflation of the joints. The study has shown that the connecting mechanism of the gum tissue is similar to that of this inflammation in the joints.

By taking care of your oral hygiene, seeing a dentist on regular basis and having a balanced diet are some of the key measures that can reduce the risk of gum damage resulting into no inflammation and infection in your body.

The link between dental health and the overall health of your body cannot be taken lightly. People need to know that ignoring their dental issues might create situations for them that do not just affect their teeth. It is significant that we teach our kids and provide them with basic dental knowledge so that they make a habit of brushing properly, flossing and visiting their dentist.

There is an avid need to remind people of the relationship between overall health and oral health. Overcome the fear you have concerning your dental health before it effects any other part of your body. Diseases like stroke, respiratory conditions, inflammation and infection in the body along with numerous other issues are just waiting to happen if you don’t care of your oral health.


Here is where we will highlight all the respective links between your oral hygiene and overall body health. Take a note of all the diseases that are caused if you have unhealthy teeth and gums. Know when you need to be alert so that your dental problems effect other parts of your body.

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