Have you ever looked around your business and thought that there was something missing? Have you ever walked into the employee cafeteria to see clusters of your staff - the same small clusters that form in individual departments? If you have, or if you’ve simply noticed that the more that there are generational divides among your staff, you need to know that mentoring in the workplace could be the tool that brings everyone together.

With mentoring in the workplace, what you are going to find is that there are fewer challenges in bringing age groups together. The millennials, the Gen X-ers, the Boomers: everyone will be able to come together and share the talents that they have in order to work toward a common good. Similarly, with mentoring in the workplace, you’re going to find that there’s less of a sense of ownership of a specific task - something that often leads to resentment when someone else is brought on board.

The more that you take advantage of mentoring in the workplace, the more that you will see the benefits:

* When older workers are able to respect the talent that younger workers bring to the table, there will be fewer frustrations about the "kids" and how quickly they are advancing. Similarly, the younger workers who are looking for instant gratification and advancement will be able to understand the importance of loyalty and sticking it out even when times get tough.

* When staff members are simultaneously performing their own job well, learning new skills and passing those skills on to others, the reality is that there is a lot more job satisfaction and it it easier for everyone to feel and be involved.

* A staff that works well as a team.

In every workplace environment, the people are the most valuable assets. The more that your staff members are able to see the results that come from contributing to one another’s development, the more that strong teams are formed as employees work together to find a solution to any given challenge, the more valuable that this asset becomes.

As employee relations improve, so does morale. The more that your staff members enjoy coming into the office and the more that they are able to accomplish, the more that employee relations will continue to improve.

Ultimately, what you find with mentoring in the workplace is that there is a cycle of continued growth and improvement. When you are able to take advantage of that cycle, when your staff members are engaged and understand and appreciate the value that they bring to the business when they work together, the more that your business will continue to grow.

A sense of community is essential within the workplace - especially when there is a lot of news about the overall economy that isn’t exactly positive. The more that your staff feel good about their relationships and accomplishments (and know that there’s always someone on the team that they can turn to), the more smoothly that things will continue to go in your company.

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Cecile Peterkin, a Certified Career Coach, Corporate Mentor and Speaker, helps businesses leverage the mind-share of retiring Baby Boomers and senior managers, and transfer it to the next generation of leaders with her ProMentoring program. The program enables rising leaders to garner first hand business knowledge and expertise through the development of a rewarding one-on-one relationship. For more information visit http://www.ProMentoringInc.com