Each one of us has an individual style of coping grief and loss. A person who is grieving often feels so isolated or lonely in their grief. It may decrease their self esteem and after that they lose social activities and support from others. If they will do this kind of thing, their shock will never fade away.

Have you ever encountered a person who never goes out of their shell since they experienced grief and loss? Experiences with their grief and loss have influenced them not to mingle with other people. They try to hide themselves now and then. If they're your family members or close to you, will you let them live like that? What will you do to support them while feeling grief and loss? Losing someone you love or the death of one's family member is so painful that nobody can describe it.

This feeling is beyond the power of description that someone is reaching out for some support from their friends and families. When you're in this state and you receive support and sympathy from people who are close to you, it's very helpful for your fast recovery. When someone is confiding to you about their loss and grief, give them a chance to talk.

Allow them to burst the heartaches that they keep inside their heart and mind. Don't ever dare to interrupt them and you must be a good listener. Sometimes when they are expressing their grief, you as a listener are a little bit confused because their emotion in characterized by frequent abrupt or unpredictable changes.

So you've got to show to them that you're in full attention to what they're grieving. It is very meaningful and very curative to them. Never ever compare their feelings to other people who have the same experiences as them. Most especially the pain that they feel when they lose their love one.

They have their own pain and unique loss that is comparable to other people. After hearing all the discomfort, let them know that you sympathize to what they feel and the first thing you have to say is “I AM SORRY”. This three words are ordinary words for most of us.

But when grievers hear this simple word , it means a lot to them. These words show that you care and you understand all the pain that they're dealing with at the moment. Next thing you have to do is to ask them what you are going to do to support them.

Allow them to know that you're willing to stay beside them and you're eager to do something that may release the pain that they have right now. Grief and loss are making people crazy most especially if they reach the point of blaming themselves about the accident that made their partner pass away.

You should know what else the things are that make them interested so that you can divert their attention instead of staying at home and think about the loss of someone. Be helpful to them and always keep in touch when you're far from each other. When there are times that you can recognize some strange changes in their behavior encourage them to have counseling.

You should be well aware that they are more sensitive when special occasions occur such as Christmas, birthdays and even valentine's day. Make a way so that you can let them join some groups in order to help them forget all the shortcomings in their life.

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The author of this article, Amy Twain, is a Self Improvement Coach who has been successfully coaching and guiding clients for many years. Let Amy help you in your journey towards Healing After Death. Alternatively click here for Amazon's Kindle Edition.