So, you are in the middle of your business lead generation campaign, and then you receive an invitation from one of your business prospects for a business lunch. While that sounds like a great idea, remember that there are some things you need to remember during these occasions. If you want to successfully turn these prospects into real sales leads, you have to observe a few rules in etiquette, as well as behavior, during the meal. Knowing these intricacies can mean a great deal for your business, as long as you are able to do things right. But how will you be able to do it? There are at least seven basic rules that you need to keep in your mind:

1.Business lunches may not be lunch.
These days, you just cannot enjoy a nine-to-six work day. Also, given our hectic work schedule, we might have to schedule our meeting during ‘off’ hours. For example, you might have it during breakfast, dinner, or even afternoon tea.

2.Keep in mind your agenda.
Remember the first part of the phrase business lunch? It is ‘business’, regardless of the food, keep in mind that you are there to conduct a transaction or discussion. This normally happens during your appointment setting campaign, where you might play host to your prospects in order to talk about a deal.

3.Keep personal details to yourself.
Unless doing so can help in clinching more B2B leads, it is best to keep personal details to yourself. Sure, it is normal to talk about personal things during the meal, but never go all out and reveal everything about yourself.

4.No alcoholic beverages.
These days, sober means a lot. Besides, given the various times you might have the meeting, drinking a glass or two might be frowned upon. In addition, since you are in a business meeting, you need to be in full mental capacity. You are trying to use the occasion as a chance to win more business deals.

5.Watch your table manners.
Even if you have really sloppy eating habits at home, you should remember that you are in public, with people and your companions watching your every move. You do not want to make an embarrassing show of yourself by committing a faux pas. So be conscious of what you are doing.

6.Engage in real conversation.
A business lunch is a good chance for you to engage your prospects in a real conversation. What you hear from them can help you in crafting a better sales pitch, as well as the chance for you to help them with their issues.

7.Picking up the tab.
As a rule of thumb, the person who hosted the meal should pay for it. As the meeting comes to an end, mentally ask yourself if you have achieved what you are looking for in the meeting. If not, then you should try getting it done by this time.

These are just the basics, but are very useful in getting the job done. Who knows, a single lunch meeting might be more effective than several social media, email, or telemarketing campaign combined.

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