Holistic Living-Spiritual Awakening
For something to have an “AWAKENING”, it must have been asleep. Now isn’t that the most brilliant thing you’ve ever read.
For me, I made the changes in my life for one big reason, to live abundantly with peace with in. I was an unhappy person and knew that there was a positive option. I had no real idea on how to realize the option. After trying to figure it out and fix it on my own without real success, I sought and got help.
Change was hard but I did the work, was active with my teachers and did the work assigned and got results. I was put on a path and have stayed on it.
While I did have issues like addiction, promiscuity and dishonesty at play in my life, they were not the problem; they were contributing factors.
For me, I have found a holistic approach to change worked. Mental, physical and spiritual; each area interdependent on the other.
Spiritual scares the heck out of many. SPIIRITUAL IS NOT RELIGIOUS, although many I know have had a spiritual awakening and found a religion of choice. That has not been my personal experience-YET. I try to seldom say never.
I respect anyone who has spiritual beliefs and puts then INTO PRACTICE. It could be as simple as practicing the golden rule through behaviour.
I believe we are all born with a “spiritual” component inside. Look at history, from earliest history of man there has been an acknowledgement of and a search for some type of higher power and at certain times, following multiple higher powers. It is with us all.
Simply put, for a long time, I, by choice, allowed my spirituality to go to sleep. I intentionally ignore it. I did not feed or nurture it. Funny, I always at one level or another knew it was there.
I did have a spiritual awakening and for me it was a direct result of something said by a coach, then followed up on through a face to face meeting. Something came back to life. For many years now I have cherished it, kept in touch with it and nurtured it. It continues to grow. Ironically as the more interaction I have with it, the better my life gets.
I would not have the abundant life I have today without having had a spiritual awakening and making the “spiritual” an integral part of my daily balanced living.
So you want happiness, abundance, serenity and all those good things in your life that you have not got enough of today. Try a balanced, holistic approach to living, get help, do the work and bask in the results. If you’re spiritually asleep today, be sure to make an “awakening” an important part of your journey. It is a big key! (www.coached-to-success.com or www.hopeserenity.ca)

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Master Certified Addictions and Life Coach icf accredited