The Centers for Disease Control now states that 1 in 5 emergency room visits are the result of participation in sports and exercise programs. The staggering 4 million annual emergency room visits have not only been deemed hazardous to your health, but also to your checkbook. The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that the public spends more than $49 Billion dollars annually on preventable injuries to children alone.

Whatever your exercise goals, getting injured is definitely not one of them. However; a study from the University of Arkansas states that there has been a 35 percent increase in exercise injuries in recent years. We are all urged to exercise in order to stay in shape and avoid getting fat, but are you at risk of injury? Injuries associated with aerobics and weight training has increased over 173 percent in recent years according to a U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission report.

If the goal is to live longer, you will need to remain active longer and avoid exercise induced injuries. The type of exercise has been found to be an important factor in the development of injuries.

The Failure of Classic, Common Exercise Vs. The Anti-Aging, Performance-Boosting Exercise

Standard cardio is generally the long, slow, boring exercise that people hate. Long walks, long runs and hours per week on treadmills and ellipticals are also known as “low-intensity, long duration, high-injury” activity. There are several metabolic effects worth mentioning in regards to this form of exercise. This type of exercise raises stress hormones such as cortisol, which has been shown to store fat, break down muscle and inhibit exercise recovery. It also decreases human growth hormone (HGH), which is necessary for building muscle and burning fat.

You can get in the shape of your life and avoid injuries with high intensity, short duration exercise. In this revolutionary type of exercise the amount HGH released is directly proportional to the exercise intensity. HGH is the hormone that allows for greater muscle growth and fat reduction.

The metabolic effects of high intensity, short duration is outstanding! There is increased fat and carbohydrate burning after this type of exercise. Research suggests exercise is important not only physically, but it has a powerful mental effect as well. Increased beta-endorphin levels associated with high intensity exercise have been found more beneficial than antidepressants.

Success in 2012 is not limited to weight loss and injury prevention, but also other life and health management techniques. The 5 essentials have the power to radically transform your life. Start by creating a vivid picture of what you would like to achieve this year. A New Year, a New You!

Let’s make 2012 the best year of your life. Let’s do it together!

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2012 is a New Year for a New You!

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