As a healer I am always on the quest to improve my services and increase the benefits my clients receive. I've learned many things over the years and I would like to share them with you so you can maximize the results your clients experience as well. I am going to address the two main factors in any working relationship- your approach, and theirs! As a practitioner is it important that we approach every situation with the highest ethics possible. We are not out to make money off of our clients, or turn them into a cash crop. Our chief concern should be about helping these people regain their lives and become functional individuals capable of handling their own problems. There are three main areas that need to be addressed in order for us to ascertain if we are working with the highest ethics possible. These are:

•Free Will- Free Will is the most important consideration when addressing ethics. There are many practitioners out there that appear to be 'authorities' and encourage people's reliance upon them. Some people become so dependent on clairvoyants and healers that they continually go back to them just to have everyday questions answered and decisions made for them. As ethical practitioners, we must guard against this at all costs! It is vitally important that our clients develop independence and do not come to rely on our services in such a manner that they are no longer living their own lives! Are your clients involved in the healing or are you doing everything yourself? Are you telling them what energy they are holding onto that is causing them harm and are you assisting them in releasing it? Or do you just pull energy out or put energy in? The latter practice does not fully engage Free Will, even if we ask their permission. We understand that the reason people develop their issues is the underlying energy they are holding onto. If they don't learn the lessons necessary for them to move into new energy, they will continue to manifest issues in their lives. Going in and removing these issues without allowing the client to connect to the real issue, really accomplishes nothing. Involving them personally in their own process and making them responsible to release this energy themselves, is the only way to really release it from their lives.
•Ego- Avoiding getting into ego can be one of the hardest challenges we face as practitioners. Heck, we are people too, but it is important that we recognize that we aren't doing the healing, we are simply acting as a channel. When we engage the client and make them responsible for releasing their own energy, we simply become a facilitator and guide. Our clients should feel appreciated and supported by us. If they have a problem with us, we should be able to encourage them to discuss their issues.
•Intention- What is your intention for your healing? Are you intending that your client have an amazing session and become empowered through it? Or are you more concerned with getting repeat business? Some practitioners tell me they never share a personal opinion with their clients. They tell me they are afraid they might upset them and lose their business. This isn't an attitude that is conducive with healing. It is important to share your information with your client. It is up to the client to choose their own response and feelings about it. What we have to share can help the client step into higher energy. To keep information from a client because we are afraid they don't want to hear it is to deny Truth and a possible opportunity the client has for healing. Make your focus on the client and not on the money!

The second component in healing is your client's approach. Of course we can't control this aspect as easily as we can our own approach, but we can be aware of the signs and inform the client of the energy they are moving in that might be blocking them from healing. It is entirely up to them to accept or disregard this information, but if they choose to correct these issues, they will experience a much fuller healing. Getting the client in alignment with the following principals can often work miracles in their lives. So don't be afraid to confront behavior and beliefs that are blocking your client!

Gratitude/Appreciation: Is your client moving in the energy of gratitude or are they stuck in the energy of entitlement? If they are moving in demanding and entitled energy they will be closing down the doors to healing. It is important for people to understand how much the energy of gratitude and appreciation opens the doors. Even if it is as simple as thanking Source for the gift they were given, being grateful opens the door for further blessings.
•Belief/Willingness: Does your client believe they can get better? Are they willing to truly let go of old energy and embrace new? Nothing can be accomplished without the client's full willingness. If a client is not willing to let go of the old energy, they will not experience a true healing. Work with your client to get them into true willingness before a session and see the change it makes!
•Focus/Intention: Where is your client's focus and intention? Are they focusing on healing and releasing the past, or do they stubbornly cling to all that is, and has been, wrong in their lives? Our focus increases energy. If we are focused on our problems, they will increase. We have to be willing to release the past in order to focus on the present and the future we are creating!
•Resistance: Does your client have resistance they are not facing? Even if it is something as simple as not feeling able to share their beliefs with others, resistance closes doors. Encourage your clients to work through their resistance and face their fears. The more willing they are to do this, the further their healing progresses.

Addressing these issues in yourself and your clients is a sure way to increase your client's chances of healing and helps to maximize their results. The more you employ this understanding in your practice, the more you will see the merits of continuing to do so!

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