At some time or other we all have dreams, hopes and think “if only I could do that” “if only I could make this happen.”

With a little work, and belief in yourself you CAN do achieve anything you want. However, the majority of people don’t achieve their dreams because they’re afraid to step out and take a few risks.

If you have hopes and dreams you’ve tucked away, take them out, dust them off and create a plan so that you can make them happen. They won’t happen unless you create a way to achieve them. There are only two things you need desire and action!

Whether for your life or your business if you have plans in place and you’re willing to jump in with both feet rather than have one on the shore and one on the ship you really can achieve your dreams.

Do you find yourself wishing and dreaming and then with a shake of your head or a thought telling you it’s not possible, you move on and ignore them? Do you find reasons not to jump in?

I don’t have enough money. I have young children. I don’t have time. I don’t know how and it’s too challenging to work it out! Well suppose you think a little differently…….

Maybe you’d really love to take time out and have some quiet time yet you don’t allow yourself the peace and time to do this. Maybe you’d like to see Europe or travel to Australia or you dream about buying a bigger house or a new car. Perhaps you would just love to take long walks, go to the zoo, ride a hot air balloon or spend more time with your family. Not everything takes money and not everything needs to be big and scary.

Make your list and start small. Choose the easiest thing to achieve first and set a date with a a plan and just go for it. And, always write it on your calendar it so you know you have an appointment with yourself for this to happen. When you’ve achieved the first one, find a way to make each thing happen one at a time.

Remember, what you think is what you attract. You have a choice to allow yourself to act and think negatively or to see your life as a fantastic path filled with opportunity and great experiences. If you live life with integrity and have gratitude for everything good, bad, big or small you open up the energy channels to allow the Universe to provide. So…

How are you living your life? This is an important question to ask yourself! This is where the Law of Cause and Effect enter. Are you at cause so you give yourself the power to make the choice about how you think, feel and act and you create the life you want or are you at the effect of everything life throws at you so you see everything as negative and are always looking for something or someone to blame for your what happens to you in life?

Hopefully you want to live your life at cause so you have the choice to live life fully with excitement and joy whatever happens. And, always remember you deserve to ride in the front of a plane and the back of a car, it’s your life so it’s your choice!

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Hazel Palache is a certified results coach, speaker and best selling author as well as a certified NLP practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. She teaches women entrepreneurs how to master their mindset in order to claim ultimate wealth while building a business. She brings 25 plus years experience in the fields of personal development, psychology, spirituality and business. If you enjoyed this article you will love the content in our free 6 lesson e-course at: