Paula Deen has become more publicized despite the possible harm that her foods may have caused to millions of people. Many people are talking about the hamburger donuts, the fact that she withheld information about her diabetes and even that she receives money from pharmaceutical companies. Are we not missing the point?

Yes, she may be a celebrity chef but does that mean she controls what passes your lips? She might be role model, but when has the life of a celebrity truly been someone to look up to? She may have had the rag to riches theme behind her, but when money comes into the picture, stars commonly leave you behind.

Deen defended her decision to keep her diagnosis of diabetes secret in order to become educated on the condition. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008. Yet another reason not to look to her as a role model; she’s a slow learner.

Instead of looking to celebrities on how to cook and be healthy, let’s take self-responsibility of our health. Let’s ensure we do not add ourselves or our children to the 26 million other Americans that have type 2 diabetes. You may be wondering and saying “that sounds good, but how?!”

“Diabetes is not a death sentence.” – Paula Deen

Paula may be correct that the condition is not going to kill you tomorrow, but scientific research has concluded that you will cut years off at the end of life, you will die sooner. The other certainty is that you will be on medications and most likely have complications from long term, chronic type 2 diabetes.

4 Tips to Prevent and Correct Diabetes:

1. Lose weight or ensure you are a healthy weight.

Eating poorly usually adds weight. If it doesn’t add weight, it doesn’t mean that you are any healthier. It is common for many of us to think that being skinny means that we are healthy, not necessarily.

2. Get moving, get active.

Any physical activity is going to help reduce your diabetes risk. Unfortunately, we commonly have more physical activity than our children. Our children have their recess times cut back, animated movies every other minute and video games being marketing to our 10 year olds between happy meal commercials. The largest toy manufacturer is now McDonalds; another great role model.

3. Cut and substitute the sugary liquids.

You can cut your risk of diabetes by replacing coffee, soda, fruit juices and other highly refined drinks with more water.

4. Choose healthier foods and control portion size.

Do you eat more fruit or vegetables? Many kinds of fruit contain high amounts of sugar in comparison to vegetables. Vegetables are a great way to fill you up quickly and they also provide an amazing source of fiber.

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Cory Couillard has owned two private practices and has been the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Brand Officer for the largest privately owned clinic. He is active in professional development, mass education programs and implementation of healthcare delivery systems.

Cory is currently a professional healthcare speaker and writer for newspapers, magazines, websites and other publications. He is also involved with the development of two international television health programs.

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