Many of us have at least one or two of those moments in our lives when we don't quite know which way to turn or things simply just don't make sense. As a rule, we are blinded to solutions to various situations/ problems by the feelings or emotions we have regarding or because of them. Asking those close to us for advice will elicit responses again tainted by emotions, while asking a person who is not involved requires informing them about it from our point of view - either option thus failing to give an objective opinion.

Seeking a divination reading, on the other hand, will mean we can talk to someone who is not involved, yet will be able to understand the situation without having to be told in detail - as a rule, a reader will only ask for your name and your specific questions, as well as maybe your date of birth (required, for instance, in the use of astrology or numerology) - thus ensuring objectivity. Although he or she cares and will carefully consider the vulnerability of a person, they are not emotionally involved in the situation and are able to respond without being biased by their emotions.

A reader will use his or her gift of intuition or clairvoyancy and a variety of tools - such as Tarot Cards, Runes, Astrology or Numerology, to name but a few - at their disposal to divine the situation, the underlying reasons and causes of certain developments and the way the way things will be heading in the future. The interpretation of the various answers perceived will then give a clearer view of the situation, often including aspects and perspectives previously overlooked.

The resulting advice will then give the seeker the opportunity to make their decisions or necessary changes from a much more informed, less subjective standpoint. Having received greater clarity and knowing the possible future outcome of a situation, as well as knowing what changes or decisions have to be made to ensure a more positive outcome, it is then up to them what they wish to do with the received information.

To summarise, there are therefore three good reasons to seek a divinatory reading, the first being objectivity - responses and advice will come from an informed, yet emotionally unbiased source. The second reason is that of achieving greater clarity regarding a situation - as it is divined, many new aspects and perspectives will arise, it becomes possible to look at the situation "from the outside in", as opposed to "from the inside out", thus enabling to understand reasons and developments much better. The third reason is that out of the greater clarity solutions previously unrecognised will arise.

Having now perceived the way a situation is heading and possible ways to improve or change the outcome, the seeker is able to take this information, reflect on it and then make the changes or decisions they need to make in an objective, informed and intelligent manner.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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