God helps those who help themselves. You ever heard that before?

I notice with some of my clients are visioning, visualizing, writing out their goals and affirmations, but they’re not taking any action. They aren’t getting the results that they want.

Now, I notice that also there’s another truth here. Some of my clients do no visioning, do no goals, do no dreaming, and I’d like to propose that the visioning, the goals, the affirmations, the dreaming- those are modern day ways of connecting to God.

The clients that don’t do any of that accomplish things, but they accomplish with great struggle. Everything is a struggle. Everything is hard.

Then I have other clients who are doing all the visioning, all the affirmations. They are writing the goals. They’re dreaming. They’re doing the inner work, all of that, but they’re taking no action. And they are experiencing some happiness, but they’re also experiencing a lot of doubt and uncertainty. They’re fighting against the fact that things aren’t happening the way that they want, and the mistake is that God helps those who help themselves.

You can’t just do the visioning. You gotta do the action as well. And you can’t just do the action. You gotta do the visioning as well. You gotta do the inner work and the outer work. When you do both, everything begins to work very, very rapidly, and your life starts to happen quickly and in an easy, effortless, and enjoyable way.

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