Science has been in the news because of the discovery of gravitational waves that Einstein, a century ago, said existed. Are we brilliant--or maybe retarded because of our unwillingness to admit something else Einstein said—that God is not a magician?

Since science put men on the moon, some scientists think they can escape the realities that seem inherent to the universe and ignore the Source of everything we see and so much we can't see. How many of the following questions can fellow scientists answer without God because we are too intellectual to believe a book of myths? This begs a hundred questions—where did the hundred elements on a chemistry chart come from?

It earth exploded off the sun, how did earth develop its spin so we have 24-hour days? How did earth come to orbit at just the right distance from the sun so we don't cook (like summer) or freeze like winter? How did it get oxygen that we need so desperately every second? And in just the right proportion with nitrogen? What about carbon? Wouldn't carbon and nitrogen have burned up on the sun so our atmosphere would be carbon dioxide or nitrous oxide (toxic) if the sun had oxygen, and if not, how did it get on our planet?

And how did hydrogen get here—so prevalent in the human body, but essential to water—we say H (2) O. Where's the water on the sun? How did it get here?

How did the planets come to orbit around the sun at such varying distances—some huge, some small. Why didn't the smaller ones fly off into space? Why aren't the larger ones pulled back to the sun by gravity? How did Jupiter or Saturn get 60 some moons orbiting them? Why does our moon (and others) look so nicely rounded? Wouldn't an explosion give jagged particles? Did the moon explode off earth? Where's the gaping hole where it came from?

How did life begin? It sounds simple, like the elements just got together in some primordial soup until one understands the complexity of a single molecule and far more so for a single living cell like an Amoeba. It has a complexity that exceeds New York City. The city has to feed itself and dump the waste which it does poorly into the ocean. It has roads too narrow. Man's evolution is worse than God's creation. How could evolution work when we can't even solve cholesterol problems without drugs that make us sick and kill us?

Cell division would be a huge obstacle for evolution. Mitosis is so compex. Did it all happen just in time before the old cell died? How did sexual replication develop. Did the female develop at just the right time for her male counterpart's evolution? Millions of years but finished the same year?

This is like building a mousetrap—it won't work until you have all the parts together. The human eye is so wonderful, and it begs appreciation for dozens of processes which had to develop simultaneously or it wouldn't work, and Darwin's idea of natural selection and survival of the fittest would have doomed us without sight, or hearing or the ability of blood to clot if wounded—a complex cascade of reactions.

And what about the 2nd law of thermodynamics that says the energy systems of the universe tend to run down unless acted upon by some outsde source, or shouldn't we say Source—God! If we try to avoid Him, we may be in trouble when we get to the end of life's brief probationary period like Voltaire. Google “dying words of infidels”--we should avoid the fearful looking for of Judgment with curses as famous atheists have died. Before dying, it would be well to understand God's love and a better plan for us.

Maybe dying peacefully like Christians martyred by Muslims who don't have such peace (and who have trouble living with others of similar but different belief) should tell us something?

Shouldn't “Back to Basics” in education require answers to the above questions before we teach evolution (science without God) because it is so stupidly impossible? This happens to be the opinion of thousands of scientists who also believe the Bible—they have the same Author. Science rightly understood and the Bible rightly understood (damn the bad translations) agree. One of the amazing things about God is His ability to read the future better than we can read the past as the book of Daniel shows.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling has three science degrees and has authored some ebooks with five-star reviews on Amazon. For readers interested in geopolitical events, he recommends The Alpha & Omega Bible Code with its explanations from Daniel, Revelation and the wedding parables and if one doesn't need Kindle, a pdf is a bonus for getting another hard copy at same price at