Revelation offers a solemn warning in the 14th chapter--“If any man worship the beast and his image…[he] shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God…” Here’s an in-depth look at those words: worship, beast, and image.

“Worship” is a contraction of worth-ship. It means giving more worth to something than it actually has (from God’s perspective). This leaves the question of what the beast and its image is, and where does the pope fit in this picture as some are inclined to believe.

The warning above is referring to the beast and image in the previous (13th) chapter of Revelation. Early Americans understood the beast from the sea as the papacy, perhaps for the following reasons or clues:

1. The beast came out of the sea. “Waters…are peoples, multitudes, nations and tongues,” Rev 17:15. So this entity arose from the densely populated old world.
2. The ‘sea’ beast is an amalgamation of the four beasts from Daniel 7 that it survived and assimilated as a conquering kingdom acquires some of the culture and characteristics of the former dominion.
3. The beast had a “deadly wound” by a sword. The Bible is likened to a sword in Hebrews 4:12.
4. Early Americans risked their lives at sea coming to a New World where starvation or Indians made life dangerous. Why? It was more dangerous to stay in the Old World where 80 million Protestants were martyred by the papacy for “heresy” like hiding a Bible in their home. Had it not been for Luther, Gutenberg and the discovery of the New World, Protestants would not have survived.
5. They made America great by fashioning a Constitution that kept the pope out of government as we see in every poverty-ridden nation south of our borders, colonized by priests who also failed to teach the people. This author spent the summer of 1960 in Colombia and Venezuela where about half the people could not read or write.
6. “The deadly wound healed.” Rev 13:3 is a commentary on the death of Protestantism for its failure to understand the above history—history that’s been ‘laundered’ by Jesuits buying up old history books and having new ones written for our schools that paint a different picture, like Wikipedia calling those views xenophobic, etc.

A beast then comes out of the earth (not sea which represented Old World populations)—it’s America!
1. The next beast in Revelation 13 has “two horns like a lamb” but they don’t have crowns like the previous sea beast. This suggests a government without a king and a church without a pope—the US
2. “Lamb-like” also suggests gentle, peace-loving as early Americans were.
3. It “speaks as a dragon” [legislatively]--laws that the dragon (Satan) promotes to change our culture.
4. And “causes fire to come down from heaven” (Hiroshima, Iraq?)
5. He causes the world to make an image (look-alike) to the previous Old World Order. The US is making New World Order headquartered in the UN. This is the “image beast” that causes everyone to be marked, so they cannot buy or sell unless they go along with the system of global government.

Now we come to Revelation 17 where a harlot is riding the [image] beast. Since the pure woman in Rev 12 represents God’s people, an impure woman should be understood from the previous discussion, and half a dozen clues that can only mean the pope will ride, guide and be in charge of the UN New World Order, and all of this written 1900 years ago, centuries before the papacy came along; only God could author such accurate information.

Summary: The sea beast is the Old World papacy. The US makes the UN, New World Order, and it will be an image or look-alike to the Old World Order because the pope will ride and guide it as in Revelation 17. Worshipping the beast will mean giving worth to it—going along to get along, when, if everyone protested as Revelation 18 suggests, it would be “game over!”

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