Summary: God will hold pastors accountable for smooth messages when the times demand a warning. People should be preparing for an overwhelming surprise by studying the Bible and getting out of cities

A blind spot for most Christians involves the letter to the last church--Laodicea in Revelation 3:14. It is actually written to the aggelos, the Greek word for messenger. So when we read, You are...blind and naked,” (Rev 3:17), it's really the pastors of lukewarm, materialistic churches that should pay attention.

In a broader sense, it's about American Christianity. Laodicea means “judging the people,” We are entering a time of judgment. God says, “I will bring the blind by a way they knew not,” Isaiah 42:16.

This parallel text to Revelation holds pastors accountable. Think about the imagery. If you are blind, you like familiar landmarks so you can get around without bumping into the door or sit down without groping for the chair. Pastors don't see what's coming and are failing to warn their congregations, and our familiar landmarks are about to change.

The Bible prophets were called seers. They could see where Israel was headed. They weren't liked by the government—they rebuked the kings for their false ways. America doesn't see where it's headed. The only thing we've been promised is “change,” and it's not looking like we expected.

To help us out, God says, “There is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning.” Isaiah 46:10.
Some Bible students say that He shows us the end from the book of beginnings—Genesis.

The Bible has a chiastic structure, like a chasm—we crawl into it on one side and out of it with events in a mirror image of the way in. Revelation has events the reverse of Genesis. Genesis ends with God's people in Egypt where they came into bondage. When Revelation begins, John is in captivity and the events of Revelation are the reverse of Genesis, ending in Paradise like Genesis began.

God’s people went to Egypt in a time of famine. Early Americans came here in a time of famine for the Word of God seeking freedom from an oppressive medieval church. God used Joseph to spare Egypt but another Pharaoh came who knew not Joseph and he put Israel into bondage. God used Jefferson and Washington to found America, but another king, and DC leaders have FEMA camps being readied.

There are a dozen parallels between America as a leading nation now and Egypt in Bible times. Getting to Egypt is the first of six events from Genesis in reverse order that the reader may view at but before going there, it shouldn't surprise us to realize that the bondage in Egypt for us comes from martial law to control the population.

We should expect it and as Matt Drudge said, “Have an exit plan!” Martial law represents military force that early disciples understood at the sign to flee Jerusalem. When they saw the army under Cestius in 66 AD, they fled the city and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD.

But those signs were for end-times as well, because Christ blended the signs for the destruction of Jerusalem (that we, too, can expect as Zechariah 14:1,2 shows) with the signs for the end of the age.

“Pray that your flight be not in the winter,” Matthew 24:20. Millions of Americans and Christians have not been praying as Christ said, and they may end up a casualty to FEMA camps and New World Order.
But praying is not enough. “Faith without works is dead.” We need to get out of the cities before martial law comes, for then Christ's words imply fleeing “without taking anything out of [our] house,” Matthew 24:17.

Serious events are impending. Preachers should be preparing their people for what's coming, but “who is blind, but my messenger?” Isaiah 42:16.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University. He has programming for churches on leading causes of death that include prescription drugs. He says most health problems are reversible by better eating. Readers can see a 5-minute video that includes Dr. Esselstyn (Bill Clinton's cardiologist) at For more information on scheduling a health or Bible prophecy emphasis at your church, email Dr. Ruhling at