A Yahoo headline offered 33 Amish Facts that Will Make Your Skin Crawl. After 10 clicks, my skin still wasn’t crawling. The Amish’ lower cancer rates (no drinking or smoking--they raise their own produce and live well without electricity, a survival advantage for an EMP attack when people in cities could die. Why bash Amish but say nothing of ‘skin-crawling’ re Catholic or Muslim beliefs?

When the priest says, hoc est corpus, he claims to change the wafer and wine into the literal body and blood of Christ. When Christ broke bread and said, This is my body, He didn’t mean literally-- his body wasn’t broken yet.

Many centuries later, the Roman church claimed to be the only dispenser of salvation and anyone who didn’t believe the wafer and wine became the literal body and blood of Christ (in spite of what their senses told them) was condemned to eternal torment.

If priests aren’t saved from the power of sin (rampant homosexuality and pedophilia) how can they offer salvation from sin’s penalty? Peter taught repentance from sin.

This isn’t bashing Catholic people. More Catholics may be in heaven than from any other church. Paul said, “The times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commands all men everywhere to repent…”

A Roman Miracle!

A pretty maid, a Protestant, was to a Catholic wed;
To love all Bible truths and tales, quite early she'd been bred,
It sorely grieved her husband's heart that she would not comply,
And join the Mother Church of Rome and heretics deny.

He went to see his clergyman and told him his sad tale.
"My wife is an unbeliever, sir; you can perhaps prevail;
For all your Romish miracles my wife has strong aversion,
To really work a miracle may lead her to conversion."

The priest went with the gentleman -- he thought to gain a prize.
He said "I will convert her, sir, and open both her eyes."
So when they came into the house, the husband loudly cried,
"The priest has come to dine with us!" "He's welcome" she replied.

And when, at last, the meal was o'er, the priest at once began,
To teach his hostess all about the sinful state of man:
The greatness of our Savior's love, which Christians can't deny.
To give Himself a sacrifice and for our sins to die.

"I will return tomorrow, lass, prepare some bread and wine;
The sacramental miracle will stop your soul's decline."
"I'll bake the bread, " the lady said. "You may" he did reply.
"And when you've seen this miracle, convinced you'll be, say I."

The priest did come accordingly, the bread and wine did bless.
The lady asked, "Sir, is it changed?" The priest answered, "Yes".
It's changed from common bread and wine to truly flesh and blood;
Begorra, lass, this power of mine has changed it into God!"

So having blessed the bread and wine, to eat they did prepare.
The lady said unto the priest, "I warn you to take care",
For half an ounce of arsenic was mixed right in the batter,
But since you have its nature changed, it cannot really matter."

The priest was struck real dumb -- he looked as pale as death.
The bread and wine fell from his hands and he did gasp for breath.
"Bring me my horse!" the priest cried. "This is a cursed home!"
The lady replied, "Begone: t'is you who shares the curse of Rome."

The husband, too, he sat surprised, and not a word did say.
At length he spoke, "My dear, " said he, "the priest has run away;
To gulp such mummery and tripe, I'm not for sure, quite able;
I'll go with you and we'll renounce this Roman Catholic fable."
Author Unknown

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Elia Israel is retired and enjoys writing on topics of current events. He offering more information at http://News4Living.wordpress.com