Have you ever set a goal and then wondered why it never happens? I am an ambitious person and I get really excited about the idea of creating a life that is inspiring, fun and abundant with success and opportunities. I’m sure you are too. I used to have a habit of writing down my ideas and goals in a book, but then never doing anything with them. A few months later I would write down the same goals again, and over and over again I would never manage to achieve them.
After a time I realized that something had to change! This was a pretty disorganized and ineffective way to have what I wanted in my life! So at the beginning of 2010 I tried a new approach to setting goals for the year. I found a process that WORKS! Richard and I set some pretty big goals for that year, and achieved almost all of them. We had two month long overseas trips to New Zealand, and then UK & Europe, we bought a motorcycle, Richard was interviewed on NZ national TV, we bought a new living room set, and mentored with our fantastic business coach James Roche at a high level. All of these things were BIG leaps that would never have happened if we hadn’t figured out a practical and effective process to manifesting our goals into reality.
The truth is you can have ANYTHING you desire in life. And by following this simple 4 part process I am about to share with you, you can turn your goals from hopes & wishes, to REALITY.
Step 1: Decide exactly what you want.
This might sound obvious, but this is where so many clients that I work with get stuck. So it’s important to really take the time to decide what you want and write it down. Ensure that this is what YOU really want, not what everyone else wants and not what you think you should do. And be as specific and detailed as you can. The more clarity you have in exactly what you desire, the easier it is for the universe to bring it to you.
Step 2: Find a visual image that depicts your goal
Once you have clearly defined what it is you want, find a picture that visually represents your goal. This is where your specificity will pay off. In the past I made vision boards that had fun images on it, but they were vague representations of what I wanted. When I looked at the board, I didn’t really believe that I was going to have those things so it didn’t work. Now, I search for pictures on the internet that are EXACTLY what I want.
When Richard and I last went to New Zealand, he had a goal to be interviewed on the National Good Morning TV morning show. He had a really good connection with Brendon Pongia, one of the hosts on the show. So, I found a picture of Brendan online, and stuck it on to our vision board. We sent several press releases and communications to Good Morning but we didn’t get an invitation to be on the show. 2 weeks in to our NZ tour, we got a phone call saying that a spot had opened up for the Valentines day show, and could Richard be on? And guess who interviewed him- Brendan Pongia. Just as well we were specific about what we wanted!
So look over your list of things that you want, and search online or in magazines for an exact picture of what you want. I like to search online because then I can find exactly what I’m looking for.
If it’s a car you want, then print out the year, make and model that you want. Even the color! Now stick all your pictures onto a vision board and display it where you will see it OFTEN. I have put mine in the bedroom facing my bed. It’s the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before going to sleep.
Step 3: Plan, Execute and Labor as the opportunity presents itself
By looking at your vision board every day you are planting that goal into your subconscious mind. Without even trying, you will begin to be pulled to the direction of the goal. Circumstances around you will seem to align themselves to give you want you want. Your energy is in alignment! Plus there is a part of your brain that filters and focuses on what is programmed into it.
Remember the last time you bought a car? For that first week you would see the same car as you just bought EVERYWHERE! Are there really 10 x more of that kind of car on the road all of a sudden, or are you just more aware of it? Because you are more focused on that kind of car, that is what comes in to your awareness.
It’s the same way with your vision board. Because you are reminding your consciousness of your goals every day, your brain will begin to filter and help you to be acutely aware of the opportunities that are in perfect alignment with creating your goal. Go with it!
And when the opportunity presents itself, begin to Plan how you will do it, Execute that plan, and go ahead and do it! (that’s the labor) It won’t just fall in your lap. For example, when Richard was offered the opportunity to be on Good Morning, that didn’t happen out of nowhere. He took action. He sent emails and press releases to the station. He kept in touch with a producer he had made friends with on the show, and met up with him for a social drink while in Wellington. He made a plan and executed it, and then the perfect opportunity manifested itself!
Whatever you do, don’t chicken out at the last minute. Notice when you feel resistance and limiting beliefs around reaching you goals and replace them with new beliefs and habits.
Step 4: Once you have achieved your goals set new ones
Stay in the flow by always setting new goals. Life is about the journey & experience, not the destination. Continually setting new goals, is creating signposts along your path so you always have a new direction to head in. Growth is why you are here.
If you wait until you have achieved all your goals before you set new ones, you will feel stuck and stagnant for a while. I’ve been there. I have made the mistake of being so focused on a big goal, that when I achieved it I had nothing left. It took me more than a month to get unstuck and get back into the groove of where to go next. So now, I will create a new goal list and vision board when I have manifested about 75% of what is on my vision board. I may actually move that to 50%. That way life is more refreshing and exciting. I love having something to look forward to.
This is a continual, ongoing process of growth. As long as you believe, you CAN achieve!

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