The phrases, "Focus on the positive," and, "What you focus on is what expands," have become as cliche as gluten issues. What do these phrases need in order to evolve from merely truthful to potently useful in helping you enjoy your transitions, such as retirement, career change, relocation, or business expansion? Specifics! So let's go there. Now.

1. Reframe your value system. See how I began with the hardest thing first? Hey, I said, "simple," not, "easy!" But you can do it! Try this: See the events and challenges in your life as either useful or outdated, rather than good or bad. then when you've empowered yourself to make a choice instead of being victimized, you move on faster. Oftentimes, we don't take action unless we've become uncomfortable. Let go of the discomfort by reframing it and then taking action. Try this affirmation: "I now release the need to experience this situation. I integrate my lessons and move on to enjoy my life more deeply." Then take the inspired action steps necessary to make your choices from your core rather than from fear.

2. Find the pleasure in your situation. Who doesn't want more pleasure in life? Embrace it! Specifically:
- Ask yourself what was the most enjoyable facet of your day today? Find something - anything - to crack through the stagnation.
- What was the most amusing part of your week? Even if it was the week from hell - especially if it was - find something amusing about it. If you need support with this discovery, ask your friends and family to help you! They may well be willing to laugh if you're not!

3. Keep track of, and celebrate your successes. A Success Log serves a similar purpose as a Gratitude Journal, but is more specific. Especially for entrepreneurs, documenting the items you've accomplished facilitates growth and breaks up stagnation.

4. Be resourceful! What challenges hold you back? What community resources are available to you? Ask around! You may find that friends are more receptive to lending assistance when you sound like you want to do something than when you just want to vent. Everyone gets tired of listening after a while. A quote from a straightforward college professor of mine: "Nobody - not even your mother - really cares how you feel." An extreme statement, yes, but the point is that YOU are in the driver's seat of your life.

If you need professional assistance, get it. If you've felt too sad for too long - and you'll be able to tell by the feedback from those whom you trust - then consider seeking clinical support. Know that it is temporary and use your resources.

These few suggestions are, yes, more specific than the two cliches mentioned at the top of this article. Work with someone supportive if it's helpful, to create a finely-honed plan suited specifically to you, now, in your current transition. Enjoy your life! If not you, who?

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Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
"The AmBadassador of Light!"

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