Summary: “With 428 million Bibles sold last year, it's still the best-seller. Why not discover the reason? Only God can foretell the future, but here are four 'when-then' omens or signs for apocalyptic events this coming spring.”

1. The biblical year begins in the spring and its beginning didn't disappoint us. “The sun shall be darkened and the moon turned to blood before the day of the Lord,” Joel 2:31. The word for “before” is paniym, which means “facing.” The “rare” solar eclipse on the spring equinox and the blood moon two weeks later on Passover (when Israel put blood on their doorpost for the Exodus) seems to designate 2015-2016.

2. The Supreme Court redefinition of marriage calls for judgment in the minds of many. Millions don't think Christ said anything against homosexuality, but he said it would be “as the days of Lot” when destruction fell on Sodom when Lot fled the city, Luke 17:29.

3. Six nations agreed to a nuclear treaty with Iran, and Iran has already violated the treaty by testing a rocket last month, according to United Nations officials. “When they say ‘Peace and safety,’ sudden destruction comes…” said Paul, 1Thessalonians 5:2,3.

4. Christ was probably warning us to flee martial law: “When you see the abomination… standing where it ought not,” Mark 13:14. The early believers understood his reference to military and when the Roman army came to Jerusalem, they fled and were spared the siege by Titus in 70 AD. But this summer, the US military stood “where it ought not” in a drill (JADE HELM) covering the southwestern USA July 15-Sept 15. Is it desensitizing us?
With these “when-then” signs, we might wonder what we should expect in 2016. Zechariah 14 says all nations will be gathered against Jerusalem to battle. The houses will be rifled, the women ravished and half the city will go into captivity in “the day of the Lord,” the end-time apocalyptic period referenced in #1 above.
Sadly, US policy in support of Israel has never been weaker or more indecisive and it emboldens the enemies of the only nation where we might travel safely in the Middle East.
If we see trouble in Jerusalem at Passover, late April, watch for trouble in the US a month later because each time Christ said, You don't know the day or hour [the Greek word, oida, means to understand], He gave an example like the days of Noah when the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month.
Again when five women missed the wedding, He said to watch (a word that meant to be awake and the only time that was commanded was Passover) “for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country...” Israelites didn't travel in winter, and if they took a long trip and couldn't get back to Jerusalem for Passover, they were to keep it a month later. Num 9:10,11. These Bible clues could be significant for late May.

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