ForexCT is an Australian online Forex and CFD provider that has been operating in Melbourne since 2006. It has a strong focus on creating innovative ways to simplify the trading process, giving its customers the support that they need for smart trading.

ForexCT knows how important it is to understand their customers’ needs and to provide them with a local understanding of the Australian market. They’ve tailored their offering to suit the needs of the Australian market, as well as the support that goes behind it. They continuously work hard to improve processes and streamline their operations to ensure that their customers get the most out of their trading experience.

Here’s a bit more about ForexCT and the services it offers:

The financial products that you can trade with ForexCT

ForexCT offers both foreign exchange (Forex) and Contract for Difference (CFD) on its online platform to its customers.

The asset classes and the instruments that are available for trading are 84 CFDs, 12 commodities, 5 crypto assets, 7 metals, 11 indices and 55 currency pairs.

Forex or currency market

Foreign exchange or Forex is the largest trading product in the world; the market averages a daily trade value of $5 trillion. With Forex trading, traders predict the direction of the prices of currencies around the globe.

Traders can either predict the movement of one currency or make a pair trade on two different currencies to determine which currency will outperform the other. A large variety of currency pairs are available for trading through ForexCT for its customers to choose from, giving greater exposure to the Forex market.


Contract for Difference or CFD is a contract between the customer and the Forex and CFD providerage in regards to the rising or falling prices of fast-moving global financial markets.
With CFD trading, traders don’t actually own the asset, they just predict in which direction the price will move, and make a profit if they choose the correct direction.
You can trade with CFD in all the global Forex markets; examples of CFDs offered by ForexCT include Coca-Cola Amatil Limited, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited and so on.


Futures or Commodity and Index CFDs are offered by ForexCT. Commodity CFDs include commodities like sugar, wheat, natural gas, cotton corn and so on. While Index CFDs include things like the Dow Jones, ASX 200, Nasdaq and more.

The ForexCT platform

Web PROfit is a leading in-house platform offered to all ForexCT customers. It’s an innovative platform way to trade, giving them all the tools (and more) they could need for smart trading.

Being available in both desktop and mobile, gives users 24/5 access to the trading platform from wherever they’re located. Users only need an internet connection to have access to the Forex market and to enjoy trading.

Web PROfit is easily customisable to personal trading preferences, with various types of charts from which you can trade, technical indicators, trader insights, one click trading, news feeds including weekly market updates, economic calendars, risk management tools like Stop Loss and Take profit. It’s comprehensive and easy to use, making ForexCT’s customers experience smooth and hugely accessible.

Users don’t need to leave the platform; with access to educational resources, customer service and anything else you can think of; ForexCT has thought of it all. Their focus on enhancing the trading experience shows when it comes to their in-house solution.


ForexCT offers online services for both beginner and experienced traders. It has a wide range of asset classes and the instruments, giving its customers a wide variety to choose from.

Whether you trade Forex, CFD or Futures, you have the backing of an established Forex and CFD provider behind you. You’ll find all the tools you need on their leading platform, making your trading experience that much easier; it’s guaranteed to be uninterrupted.

Whether you’re interested in seeing what other leading traders are doing in real time, or you’re keen to learn more about a specific subject, all of these resources are a just a click away.

If you have a query about your trades, your dedicated Account Manager and the support team is a phone call away; they’re local so they understand your needs, as well as the local market.

If you’re thinking of starting trading, or you’re looking for a new Forex and CFD provider, ForexCT has everything that you will need to get the most out of your trading experience. A demo account lets you hone your skills before actually entering the Forex market; you’ll be exposed to the market risk without experiencing any actual risk.

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