Five ways to be ahead of time.

One of the greatest assets in life is time, one of the greatest delusions in life is still time and one one of the greatest illusions in life is time.

The world is regulated by time, as far as life on earth is concerned, it is timed, and every aspect of living is timed. The different categories of timing represent the diverse stages of life. In reality, time regulates seasons, seasons influence trends and trends regulate people. Thus everyone in life is either a time setter or a time checker. 

Time setters are able to position themselves ahead of the time by following principles that propel them beyond the present time while time checkers follow time and are bound by the shackles of trends. 

However, there are principles to follow if you desire to be ahead of time, below are five vital ones

What do you see? Vision is not the presence of sight, but the presence of inner sight or what you call INSIGHT. What you see for your life affects what you expect from your life and how you move in your life. Seeing beyond the present moment, gives you a glimps of what the future  can be and ultimately gives you the advantage to prepare for it. Vision propels you to move ahead of the present season and positions you ahead of the crowd.

2) PLAN.
In advancing in life, the place of planning can never be overemphasized. You have envisioned the times ahead, then take one more step to plan your way to it. Ask crucial questions, meet strategic people, obtain the required skills and synchronize your life around your plan of the vision. Ask yourself, what does it take to get to my vision, how can I get there, where should I start, who do I need, how long will it take me to get to my vision. Be deliberate to get the right answers because they unfold your plan for the vision.

Passion is a fuel to purposeful living. One distinguishing factor in life is the passion we live it with. Passion keeps you moving even in the most harsh conditions. When you lose passion for living, you have lost life itself. Develop passion For the plan of your vision, and see the self limiting obstacles crumble in your face.
All through history, you will discover that the most outstanding people are the most passionate ones. These are men and women who are zealous of what they are doing, and they are not apologetic about their obsessions. 

To be ahead of the crowd, form vision sustaining habits. Be deliberate in cultivating habits that will naturally bring you closer to your vision. When you absorb great habits into your lifestyle, you automatically program your mind on what is important to you. One thing about habits are that they are hard to cultivate, and even harder to break. Consistency with these vision oriented habits gives you an edge over those that do not have them and places you on the right track for vision actualization.

Vision, plan,passion and habit are nothing without the hand of God. Prayer still remains the master key to unlocking the future. When you pray and Access God, your vision crystallizes in your spirit and you start living it out in the now. Hearing from God is an acid test to the success of every vision. Moreover, visions are birthed in the place of prayer, and prayer, brings God into every vision, plan, passion and habit. Don't make praying your last option, rather the first. Prayer simplifies complicated  matters and builds your faith, which is crucial in vision actualization, especially the big ones. Therefore, the bigger the vision, the more praying is involved. 

Finally, understand that life is in seasons, but you can change the season by influencing the time through these principles.



Author's Bio: 

Kalu chijioke Harvard is a teacher of God's word, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books, and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract™