Steps to Making Changes

Many people are defeated before they start due to a lack of understanding of the change process.  Coaching is a way to transition from wanting to doing one step at a time.  

All things in our life including money are made up of core beliefs, thoughts, perceptions and behaviors.  When we align our thoughts and beliefs with our values, realities shift and behaviors become easier to change.

What is Financial Health?

Financial Independence - Financially free from external control or influence.
Financial Responsibility - Ownership of present & future financial health.
Financial Literacy - Financial intelligence that supports good decisions.
Financial Integrity - Thoughts and actions are congruent with financial plans.
Financial Security - Financial confidence for a stable future.
Financial Peace of Mind - Thoughts are congruent with Financial Security.
Financial Prosperity - Successfully flourishing financially.

Is there any area above you would like to improve to increase your financial health?  Coaching can help you make changes in these areas and more to increase your financial wellbeing.

Five Steps To Financial Health:

1.  Being clear on your values and what you want to accomplish with your money.

Having clear values will help your money situation and all other aspects of your life!  Setting goals that fully support your values is essential to staying motivated in order to get results. Click here for a values exercise.

Financial Coaching will help you articulate what is important to establish realistic, concrete goals with target savings, timelines and ability to track how you are doing in reaching your goals.  If you aren’t sure about your financial goals or if you need help removing obstacles, coaching can help.

2.  Changing and managing your money by monitoring your thoughts and behaviors.

Ensuring your thinking and behaviors match your values is the fastest way to reach your goals of financial health.  Understanding how money and thoughts are energy is the truth that sets people financially free.

Coaching will help you establish a healthy money mindset to build a firm foundation to support your financial growth.

Questions to help build your financial foundation:

Do you have a budget?
Do you have an emergency fund between 6 - 9 months of expenses?
Do you actively contribute to your retirement?
Do you have health and dental care?
Do you have a college fund for children?
Is your savings enough to support your big ticket items?
Do you have debt other than a mortgage?

3.  Taking responsibility to gain knowledge and processes to manage your financial resources routinely.

Breaking up the tasks of managing money smartly into monthly activities can help you stay on top of maintaining your financial resources.   After all the time and energy you spend to create your assets, taking the time to monitor them appropriately only makes sense.  

Coaching provides tools and support to help you track your expenses and manage your money until you reach your new desired financial wellness.

4.  Obtaining qualified professionals to help support your financial health, wellness and longevity.

Do your assets require a financial planner?  Are you getting close to retirement?  What type of support is right for you at this time?  

Everyone has the ability to do these steps on their own.  However, Financial Coaching helps you reach your goals faster, easier and efficiently with support!   If you start now, in three months you will have established your new patterns and be getting more of what you want from your money!

5. Preparing for the transition into retirement.

Establishing a financial plan is only one part of preparing for retirement.  What do you want out of your new life?  What do you want to do with your time and energy?  How will you ensure you thrive in your golden years? 

Most people who are nearing retirement are aware of the need to have a financial plan that will support them through retirement.  It’s a big change and coaching benefits people most with support and preparation for this special transition.

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Author's Bio: 

Lou Ann Bennett is a life coach, speaker, teacher, writer, raw food chef and community builder. Her company is Heart Path Coach where she helps people connect to their own internal wisdom and follow their heart path.

Specializing in outcomes of financial wellness, empowerment; living on purpose; manifesting dreams; creating new stories, thoughts and behaviors; connecting to true self, spirit and community; and overall abundance and well being!

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