Around 2.19 billion people are signed up to Facebook and the numbers aren’t decreasing anytime soon. Why would it? Facebook has found a respectful and potential command on social media. Thousands of business, organizations, industries, regardless of their employee strength have their own business page on Facebook. We cannot deny the fact that Facebook has grown into something much bigger than just a medium of entertainment to spend our leisure time.

Why Facebook?

There are three most important reasons why an organization should aim for Facebook Marketing.

Considering 2.19 billion people sharing their life’s important experience and ideas, Facebook is the best place where the whole world will listen up to you. After all, they are all here to engage and have conversations.
The Facebook users have a strong connectivity with people around the globe (Roughly, 200 friends per user). Imagine the number of audiences your theatre will host.
Once you figure out what your fans are looking for, you can easily build your own personas on Facebook. You see, the information and the way they are presented on Facebook are way better than on YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platform.

The 5 proven formulas for driving more traffic

Caption your photo: Captions are the best way to represent your post’s objective. The funnier or straightforward captions will drive more audience to view the entire content.

Quotes: Quotes are the new trend of expressing your thoughts and ideas. A motivational quote as a text or photo update will increase your “Like” and “Share”.

Videos: We aren’t talking about the links attached from YouTube. A native Facebook video looks more engaging and interesting. Thus, it will drive more viewers to your business page.

Question your Audience: People are outspoken these days but at the same time, the number of ears given to their talks is very few. Questions asked through your Facebook page will create a platform for the audience to engage among themselves. The more comments and shares on your post the more traffic you can drive.

Crowdsource your Answers: Of course, you will be running out of time to answer all, of your client’s questions. So, why not hire a fan group to answer each other’s questions? This way, you save time and your post doesn’t go unnoticed by the viewers.
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