In light of the increased media focus on strife between humans, with little emphasis placed on how to shift out of that constant struggle and evolve as a species, I feel compelled to offer this foundational perspective. These brief, easy to use tools empower individuals to hold more presence and emanate more positive influence in the world. Regardless of the semantics of your belief system, I urge you to take these suggestions in and put them into practice in your life. The time is NOW for those of us who care to stop allowing fear and hate mongers to trap us into feeling overwhelmed and powerless. We absolutely are not. We are powerful beyond measure, and it is so often light rather than darkness that frightens individuals into heinous beliefs & actions.

Firstly, make a choice to increase the positive vibration of your presence. Ask Divinity, God, Goddess, the Universe, Great Spirit, your mama – whomever you feel a need to ask permission of. If you feel no such need then great! Step up yourself to merge more strongly with the most positively influential aspect of your being. BE your higher self. No one but you can be responsible for honing it, and no one can take it away from you once you have owned it.

If you need assistance, then get it – no shame in that. There are a wide variety of options to support you as you increase your focus: ministers, friends, counselors, therapists, relatives, healers, coaches, travel agents – the list goes on. The point is, DO it in a way that works for you.

The benefits begin within. Through increasing your vibrancy and remaining responsible for continuing to cultivate it, you stand to:

1. Improve your emotional health: You will feel more confident as you realize that you are not obligated to buy into the fears and concerns of others. You set more healthful boundaries that support you, not who others think you should be.

2. Physical well-being: As you gain stronger confidence, you naturally make more healthful choices to support your physical health. Get support with this if you need – join a class, partner up with a friend to walk daily…simply breathing more deeply comes more naturally when we commit to remaining centered. Healthier choices emanate organically from that center.

3. Decrease unnecessary drama: A strong, confident attitude “sours the milk” for unwanted, outdated energetic attachments as well as physical attachments in the form of energy vampires. (For anyone unfamiliar with the term, an “energy vampire” is simply someone who drains your energy. You can probably think of someone whom you interact with and feel tired afterward.) A newfound confidence supports your ability to rework boundaries in these relationships, and even casual interactions. To use a colloquial phrase: “Don’t start, won’t be none.”

4. Along those lines: Clear your environment. You may well find that conditions in your community begin to improve as you increase your individual presence. Be patient. Note the positive differences. Take inspired action as the opportunities arise. Initiate inspired action when appropriate. You know what you want to see in your neighborhood, and you know when you begin to see it. Reinforce those changes with gratitude and action.

5. Increase abundance: As you shift the balance of your focus to more prominently positive, your own abundance flow has a stronger opportunity to shift. To clarify a misconception – being positive does not mean looking at everything with rose-colored glasses. It means to see, acknowledge, and act on the truth of a situation. Putting your foot down on an unjust situation is positive. See the changes through – that in and of itself is an increase in abundance flow. The energy is redirected and moves differently from then on.

Of note: Knowing how to incorporate a more strongly positive vibration and take action increases your awareness! Most often, additional challenging situations come to your attention for healing. Self-care becomes increasingly important once you’ve chosen this path.

Following are some basic tools to care for your body. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather comprised of commonly found, easy to use items and practices:

1. Ginger – This root is warming to the system. Some ways to use it: As tea; cooked into soups or stir-fry; added to drinks; added to a cleansing bath.

2. Sea Salt – Cleansing to the system both internally and externally. Gargle with it; replace table salt with it; use it in a cleansing bath.

3. Cayenne pepper – Also warming & cleansing to the system. Add to food depending upon your taste.

4. Lemon – Cleansing, especially effective in warm water first thing in the morning. Consult your nutritionist if you need, but lemon is a common ingredient to experiment with to discover how you enjoy it best added to your diet and health care.

5. Basic housecleaning – Keep your bathroom especially, and kitchen clean. These are two places where energy is shifted in your home on foundational levels. One is elimination and the other preparation. Basic and uncomplicated, the idea is to keep these environments sanitary and inviting. Clear of grime, dust, mildew and other elements that tend to build up during times when we feel less than energetic. Get help if you need, to return these two areas to fully functional in a clean, clear way and maintain that level of cleanliness.

Of course these few suggestions are not intended to right the entire world. They are a start. They are basic; this is merely a foundation, for anyone. For YOU. For those whom you care about. In ridiculously stressful times, back to basics is the most helpful place to start, rather than attempting to add complication. Take deeper responsibility for your own thoughts & actions. Bloom where you’re planted. You can do this. NOW. You are needed. NOW.

Miracles and blessings!
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
“The AmBadassador of Light!”

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