Whether you're a business owner, a lawyer with your own practice, an independent plumber or are otherwise self-employed, one of numerous vital challenges you must confront is determining the kind of healthcare protection coverage and other insurance cover you should have for yourself and your family.

As an entrepreneur you and not your boss has to pay for your coverage. The good news is that you also get to determine what goes into your package.

An optimal protection and benefits plan should give you an income you in the event of illness or injury that keeps you from working, indemnify your loved ones in the event of an early death. It will also include savings for retirement and medical care cover.

Disability Coverage

Disability income cover is for many people the least thought of lines of cover. Most people own health care coverage because we fear that we can get a disease or hurt and be forced to pay huge healthcare expenses. For some reason we think less about the fact that we will be unable to work. Maybe we just don't consider it. But we should. Career ending injuries are amongst the main causes of bankruptcy. This is critical insurance cover.

Life Coverage

Permanent whole life, ten year term life protection or variable life? The kind you purchase won't matter to your loved ones if a claim is made. Only the face amount will make a difference. If you are a parent of young children or have other people depending on you, you should have life insurance protection.

Retirement Planning

Retirement isn't inevitable, however if we are blessed enough to live a long life we want to have enough money to enjoy our retirement. Without a strategy, there is a great chance that you will find yourself with less than you will need.

LTCi or Long Term Care Personal Insurance Protection

Home health care and its costs are not often considered. However, the cost of a home health care or a nursing home can cost over $1,000 a day. Neither a typical health insurance policy nor Medicare nor Medigap will pay for home health care.

Medical Cover

Having the right medical care insurance coverage is important with the cost of medical care escalating each year. The cost of medicine, the price of visiting a doctor, the cost of hospital stay and the expense of a short stay in the emergency room has gone up every year. Medicine has escalates much faster than inflation in general and certainly more than the average paycheck in America. Be sure you have good protection in this area. Top notch personal insurance protection does not necessarily mean that you should have first dollar health coverage policy. However, it should certainly mean that you have excellent insurance for the big things. Medium to high deductible plans very often are a good value and provide you coverage for the crucial things.

Coverage for Dentists

Dental care personal insurance protection is critical. However, coverage for oral care at a cost that is reasonable might not be available to you as an individual. Be aware of the rates, the benefits and the waiting periods before committing yourself. You might discover that you will do better if you pay your oral care directly with the money you save by not buying an overpriced dental cover plan.

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Alston Balkcom has been an insurance producer since 1985. He can help you find Maryland Business Insurance. His recent blog posts include one about zero deductible health insurance.