Accessories of the electronic cigarette give any smoker a personalized feel and a look that is different and appealing. There are number of brands in the market each with its own accessories range and distinct features to offer to their valuable clients.
Among top rated accessories shown in electronic cigarette review includes, smoke tip cleaning kit, vapor jacket and the coffee mug. The last one sounds to be like irrelevant and the feel comes in at an instant is how it could be considered. But yes, it is one of the top rated accessories for the present year. The reason is that the smoker can enhance the smoking experience by having coffee. It is also commonly observe that smokers love to have coffee most often after having the smoking break. Now, the rest two are also amazing enough to be enlisted with their so called features. Smoke tip cleaning kit is one of the useful accessories in the list for the existing year. This kit helps the user to have battery with longer life. Battery in turn run strongly and gives the user the perfect feel. Also, the feel of the cartridge would stay fresh and taste would be enhanced. The price of the kit is $6.95 and this price shows how affordable it is for the users. Inside the kit, ten cotton swabs, 3T-pins and prep pads of alcohol.
Now, discussing vapor jacket, it is introduced by the White Cloud electronic cigarette. It is in different styles and prints like, colorful flowers on the black body, smiling cats, clouds in blue and white, funky monsters and many such textures. Electronic cigarette review shows that these are easy to be applied and in utility as well. Its pack contain seven different skins and is of price $4. So, this accessory has added a style to the e cigarette which means you can personalize them. There are hundreds of funky designs or prints that can be added to these cigarettes in order to add stylish sensation along with the enhanced smoking experience.
Along with the given accessories, there are many other prevailing in the market like batteries of varying lengths, car charger, velvet pouch, carrying case with charger inside etc. The car chargers enable the user to charge cigarette if he is on the go. Also carrying cases in different styles and looks are available and they also contains charger which can be used for the charging purposes. The carrying cases are also in leather and in different colors typically, red, black and white, pink etc.
These accessories have added an appeal to these cigarettes as they are not just for fulfilling the smoking needs. You need to have smoking but in style and comfort. The accessories are not only meant for personalized purposes only but also they are meant for giving you comfort in handling them. The carrying cases, the kits, and the chargers, are not only with style but with purpose as well. Along with outstanding features of these cigarettes in comparison to real cigarette the accessories are also amazing enough to justify that they are far better than traditional ones.

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