Summary: The basis for nuclear energy and tremendous power is seen in Einstein's equation showing that a small amount of matter can yield a huge amount of energy. We appreciate science discovering what helped put an end to World War II in the Pacific and now we have energy for peaceful purposes, but those laws of nature may also apply to life.

Matter and energy are related; if we find truth and put our energy into it, it brings purpose and meaning to life--nothing else matters so much and we will live well. If we don't give ourselves to a cause of truth that's bigger than we are, in the end, nothing really matters.

This relates to the Source of matter and energy, for if a small amount of matter makes a huge amount of energy, then think how much energy or power it took for this to be so: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The book of Genesis offers insight for where we came from and where we are headed, if we can believe the Bible.

Alternative views are meaningless. They mean less to us in terms of origin and destiny. It means less to believe it all came from nothing or that we came from apes, or fish. This is not just wishful thinking. If we think we came from apes, we act like apes and the law of the jungle prevails—take what you can and all you can get if this life is all there is, because you can't take it with you.

When we consider how the theories of some scientists conflict with others and how quickly the earth becomes millions of years older or younger by the latest guess, why should we throw out the better lineage and destiny offered by the Bible? The last words of infidels (Google) suggest people can live a lie, but the deathbed tells the truth!

A question that millions wonder is, If God is good, why so much suffering in our world? They do not understand God's nature of goodness and freedom that is not tyrannical. He does not stand over us and beat us if we make a mistake. Life is a lesson book and we should learn from our mistakes.

When Lucifer rebelled in heaven and wanted unrestricted freedom to do as he pleased, God gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his principles rather than killing him—for then all created beings would worship God from fear. So our world became a battleground between good and evil. At the cross of Calvary, Satan stood unmasked as a liar and murder. The issues answered there have divided history—BC from AD, but millions are still deceived by empty philosophies and New Age spiritualism.

The idea of an eternal burning hell has made many infidels, but it was created by medieval churches to extort money for prayer and peace of mind. It is also based on a misunderstanding of one of Christ's parables of the rich man and Lazarus.

The Bible is still the all-time best-seller, and it's not just for weak men or women. It has challenged the best from the greatest. Abraham Lincoln said it's the best gift God has given to man--“Take as much as you can by reason and the rest by faith, and you will live and die a better person.”

The word for library in Spanish is biblioteca--”Bible tech!” This is because the Bible addressed every area of meaningful life. There is no history book that antedates it. It has biographies of the real stars in life—not from Hollywood or a sporting event where winners are often losers in the game of life.

The proverbs have wisdom for successful business. The law of Moses includes the first comprehensive health code that saved entire villages in the Dark Ages when smallpox and Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe. How? By the practice of quarantine—something that leaders today were ignorant of (chose to ignore?) when the question of bringing Ebola patients to America came up.

Solomon wrote, “Righteousness exalts a nation,” but it also implies that murdering our unborn will throw us down, regardless of what some so-called Supreme Justices say is okay. The Gospel is the great simplifier of life's issues. If life seems too complicated, maybe we don't understand some basics?

If the reader might appreciate a better understanding of how our needs are satisfied by God's provisions for us, a classic non-denominational booklet can be read online. The first chapter is God's Love for Mankind. Translated into more than 100 languages, truly a best-seller vying with Pilgrim's Progress.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician who finds great meaning in Scripture. His website, offers answers to several questions prevalent in our society. He also has a website with answers to questions we aren't asking—What do Christ's wedding parables mean? Could we be misunderstanding them as a rapture?