First off, the most operative word here is, “adults.” If you refer to yourself as a, “guy,” or a, “gal,” or any other diminutive term, this perspective is not for you. If you conceptualize yourself as an old soul as well as a mature, responsible adult at this time in your life, thank you for claiming your maturity. You’ve already dedicated decades to honing your personal & spiritual growth as well as your service profession. Please read further for some encouragement and unorthodox marketing suggestions, based on what’s been most effective for me in my service business.

Shortcuts are not the way to go – cutting corners to gain visibility will attract those who also want to cut corners. Attempting to narrow down who you are and what you do will be ineffective as well as clip away parts of your soul. Allow your service business to grow organically. Hold your integrity. Period.

Amassing a large mailing list by offering a free download, as is recommended by every mainstream marketing “expert” will not work for you. You’ll end up with a list populated by sheeple who want something for nothing and are prepared to do exactly that – nothing – about it. If you’d like to pour your work product into a sieve, go ahead. But if you want to create a marketing platform that will work in alignment with your values, spread your efforts instead of consolidating them. Yes, this perspective goes against the grain, but – especially for an old soul focused on holding integrity – a kite flies because it goes against the wind. You’ll need to do something different than what everybody else is doing. That’s the point, now isn’t it? You’re not like everybody else, so doing what everybody else does won’t bring you the results that support who you are or what you do.

If you have a free download to offer, offer it! If it’s in exchange for membership to your emailing list, then it’s not free, now is it? No. The fee for it is a continuous obligation to you. Your recipient is obligated to receive input from you, like it or not. You’re then put in the position of continuously pouring your energy into a sieve. What a waste, and, for old souls who are mature in this life right now, an unnecessarily heavy creation of karmic debt. Give to give. Then let go.

Put your contact information and some details about yourself and your work at the end of your download or whatever it is that you’re offering for free. Then those who are truly in alignment with you and your work have the opportunity to step up when they’re ready to work with you. If they don’t, then you’ve not wasted your time continuously reaching out for nothing, and they won’t build up resentment due to continuous receipt of unwanted communication from you. Your end result of enrolling clients will be much more suitable because they’ll have pre-qualified themselves, showing the motivation it takes to work with you.

Old souls and mature adults do not spend time molly coddling hesitant, stuck individuals. Leave that for the plethora of hobbyists, novices, and younger souls who need that type of experience to hone their skills and crafts. You graduated from that type of service already. Delegate, so to speak. Those individuals won’t be ready to serve the mature, prepared clients that you are ready to serve, so it all works out in the end.

Old souls and mature adults in service professions are usually kamikaze meditators. If you are, then you know what I mean – you spend considerable quality time in the astral. USE that as a marketing platform. A good friend and colleague is fond of teasing me about there being an astral bulletin board where my best clients find me. It’s true. I have some of the most bizarre stories of people following through with messages they’ve received in their dreamspace, during their meditations, from their own spirit guides or even random comments from strangers – and those have turned out to be my best clients over the decades. Those are the ones most in alignment with who I am, what I do, and how I deliver services. You won’t find that instruction in any webinar or online marketing school. Because it’s in the astral. Accessible to old souls. Mature adults. That’s the way we roll.

You have a more personal definition of success that does not necessarily include commercialized fame. In many service professions, confidentiality is key – loose lips sink ships. So a loud, broad, widespread reputation for working with well-known people could work to your detriment. You might not want your name or logo to be a household word. What works well for old souls in service professions who deal with sensitive and/or powerful individuals navigating transition is to be well-respected among those who appreciate strong, clear boundaries. The concept of all of us being as one so there are no secrets, and that a loving heart is open to everything all the time does not work for service professionals who need to hold a safe container for clients’ transformations. Our clients need privacy, both personally and professionally – they need to know that their personal issues and business plans are safely held in confidence; that they can trust the sanctity of their work with us.

Along those lines, although creating joint venture partnerships with other service providers is another method commonly advocated by marketing gurus for swift business expansion and increased profits, that attempt may work instead to the detriment of old soul service professionals who serve sensitive, private, powerful individuals. They pay for quality, exclusive time with you. They want the experience of a clear, clean connection with you and access to you. Only you, because they’ve carefully selected you to provide their service. Making it known that you’ve partnered up with someone with whom they have not developed relationship, or have but don’t trust it at the same level of depth can serve to alienate even your most loyal clients. Stay true to who you are. If you’re a unique individual providing a unique service, keep it exclusive in every way. Your path may look slower to others but you’ll create a level of satisfaction that ensures your ability to stand by your work 100% as well as be able to sleep at night with a clear conscience.

I hope that this has provided you with validation, encouragement, inspiration, and stronger resolve to maintain your individual integrity. This lone wolf path is not for everyone, but if it is your path there is no way around it. Thank you for your interest.

Miracles and blessings,
Dr. Renee

Author's Bio: 

T. Renee Richardson, D.D., is "The AmBadassador of Light!" and author of the upcoming, “Fiddy Grades of Yay,” a metaphysical erotica collection, among other publications. She is a well-respected, joyously potent healer and clairvoyant with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide to effectively achieve their cutting-edge, passionately-fueled goals. She offers appointments via phone for your convenience, and loves providing an accessible network of support to those experiencing life transitions, including career change, business expansion, and retirement, helping individuals build joyous, loving lives of new vibrancy. Contact her at with, “I’m Interested” in the subject heading, and visit