Positive psychology is a wonderful state of mind, a way of thinking that brings joy, happiness, fun, laughter and contentment into our life. This article, origninally written for Sibyl spiritual e-zine for women, is about a positive consciousness that allows all of us to be part of the wholeness of being human and spirit - a unity of being. Creation gives us everything we need, somtimes in the form of physical helpers and teachers. Sometimes in the form of experience. Recognizing our helpers, teachers and growth opportunities is our challenge.

Earth Angels

“In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side for evermore … that's what friends are for.”
~ Sager and Bacharach

WE ARE ALL BLESSED BY OUR EARTH ANGELS AND THEIR MANY LOVING GIFTS. Some gifts are instantly recognizable, and others gradually become obvious as our consciousness expands. Seeds of awareness are planted with each Earth Angel encounter, yet it may take years for them to germinate. When they do, they enrich our life in deep, meaningful ways.

Our Earth Angels might be friends, family members, neighbors, casual acquaintances, or passers by. I'd
like to mention an unexpected gift from a homeless man and then share some other Earth Angel experiences and gifts with you. He stood at the corner by a stoplight asking for help. As I turned toward him and looked into his eyes, I had an instantaneous awareness that he was both asking for help and offering gifts to me and many others. His kind eyes held wisdom, clarity, and sadness. As I handed him a few dollars, he looked straight into my eyes, thanked me and telepathically shared a “spiritual vision” that explained a bit about his life and illustrated the devastating experience of homelessness. My consciousness expanded in the blink of an eye.

My Grandparents, my first Earth Angels, shared their love for the natural world with me and taught me the meaning of unity. They cared for their farm and their animals with the same love and devotion they gave to me. Animals, humans, vegetable gardens, the forest – we were all family.

I don't remember the name of the beautiful, shaggy dog that was my first pet. I do remember her loving gifts. She was a bright light, creating moments of pure joy as she ran and played with me for hours at a time. We were best friends.

My 9th grade Civics teacher was a powerful, creative educator and a brilliant man. Wanting us to understand democracy and the cost of freedom, he created superb interactive learning experiences. I learned that freedom requires responsible behavior, participation and a willingness to cooperate.

As a little girl, I loved spending time with my great uncle. He was old and sick when I met him, yet he was playful and engaging, and I knew I was cherished. With a twinkling smile that radiated from his eyes, he quietly taught me that life is a magnificent adventure. I believed!

Who are your Earth Angels? What Earth Angel experiences and gifts have you received? Acknowledging them opens your awareness to the oneness of Creation. Honoring them provides
the spark of understanding you need to thrive. Earth Angels have enhanced your confidence, strengthened your sense of worthiness, comforted you and protected you. Because of their love, you understand that you and I are Earth Angels to each other, our smallest virtues vital and our reason for being.

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