Ricardo Beas, a concerned citizen and parent of three school-age children in California seeks to do the impossible. He is shedding light on the illegality and health hazards of mandatory vaccines, believing compulsory vaccination will be overruled by public opinion.

Citing our First-Amendment’s rights, Beas wrote a petition listing the grievances and showing how constitutional and civil law has been violated, and calling investigation by people and institutions that are financially independent of the pharmaceutical industry. Beas needs help, says G Edward Griffin, Need To Know News, July 9, ’17.

An impending New World Order will feature control over all, usurping parental rights and dictating policies adverse to true education and healthcare, says Richard Ruhling, retired MD, MPH, author of The Alpha & Omega Bible Code on Bible. Ruhling was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University.

Ruhling says his school was funded $40 million by National Institutes of Health to learn why Seventh-day Adventists live about seven years longer than their neighbors. Ruhling says it was the visionary writing and leadership of Ellen White who was 100 years ahead of the US Surgeon General, saying “tobacco is a poison of the most deceitful and malignant kind, having an exciting, then a paralyzing influence upon the nerves of the body.” White, Spiritual Gifts, Vol 4, 1864, p 128

White also wrote about mercury still used in vaccines in spite of much evidence of toxicity. “Preparations of mercury and calomel taken into the system ever retain their poisonous strength as long as there is a particle of it left in the system. These poisonous preparations have destroyed their millions. Ibid, p 139.

A physician in a large pediatric group with thousands of patients said they had no cases of autism in contrast to now 1 in 50 kids with autism. He said it was because they didn’t vaccinate!

Quakers and Mennonites are also examples of groups without autism. This shames the CDC for greed and blindness because they own the patents and profit from vaccine sales.

The Bible says the bribe blinds the eyes of the wise. The CDC is compromised and should be stripped of those profits, says Ruhling who adds that mercury is used as a preservative in multi-dose vials of vaccine.

Christians who accept the Bible teaching that our bodies are God’s temple should join Ricardo Beas’ effort to stop the grab for children that God gave us to raise for Him. The government has no moral right in spite of laws by politicians who appeal to masses trusting CDC ‘reports.’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/834880043345099/

Ruhling calls on Christians everywhere to oppose a UN New World Order that will include papal leadership and false worship, Revelation 13:14-17. The Bible says to come out of Babylon, (Rev 18) a word that includes confused systems of health, education, government and religion—it also means drugs (FDA) because the Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia in verse 23.

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Richard Ruhling is a retired physician whose ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code, has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon and is no charge this Saturday, available in pdf with more information at http://RichardRuhling.com