Dowsing has been used for many centuries as a way to find things that cannot be easily seen with a person’s naked eye. It has been frequently used in the search for items such as underground water, so people will know where to place a well. It is used to find pipes that are buried underground so that people can determine where to dig. It can be used to find items like coal, and oil, and minerals that are buried beneath the surface. Dowsing readings have been used when things get lost like people and animals. It is used by many psychics to help law enforcement to locate things like murder victims.

This method of search and discovery seems to date all the way back to the Ancient Egyptians. The art of the Ancient Egyptians depicts men with forked sticks performing what appears to be dowsing readings. In later years in Europe this method was used to find things but people thought that it was the work of witches and wizards. They called the sticks that were used to perform the dowsing readings witches sticks and wizards rods.

The people that thought this work was of witches were not entirely wrong, because psychic power does seem to play a part in the dowsing readings and how strong the readings are. While most anyone can use a dowsing rod cut from ash, willow, or hazel and find a good spot to dig a well, it takes someone with a little more psychic prowess to find a dead body, or discover an illness in a living body using a pendulum or stick.

When doing a dowsing reading to locate an object the person carrying the dowsing rod will walk slowly over an area and hold the stick out in front of them. When the person gets close enough to the item they are searching for the stick will twitch or point to the exact place that the item is located. In the case of underground water the rod will generally point straight down at the spot where the person should dig. The people using these tools need to make sure they hold them very lightly so as not to influence the decision of the tool.

Psychics can use swinging pendulums over the human body just like the sticks over ground. The psychic will concentrate on the person lying before them and they will ask simple questions like where an illness is originating from inside the person’s body. The pendulum will swing and will stop at the place of concern or it may swing a different direction to indicate the position of the problem. These pendulums have also been used to diagnose the sex of an unborn child.

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