“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everything in the world is beautiful because they are created by God. From aromatic flowers to mysterious mountains, from sunset to sunrise, from still lake to Wild Ocean, from animals to human beings, everything is beautiful. It is just that we need eyes to see it and heart to appreciate it.

Do you remember when was the last time when you stood for few minutes to indulge and to appreciate the beauty and left with splendid memory? I think it might be in your childhood, where we used to get happy to see even small creatures. We used to get amazed at nature’s beauty. As we grow, we change the definition of beauty and assume to be found in materialistic things only.

Let me share one of my experiences with you all. I was passing through Sea Link Bridge with family on one afternoon in a cab. I was sitting near the window and suddenly my eyes saw the beautiful waves. It was like everything was stopped and all voices slowed down in the background. There was no thought in my mind and I was able to enjoy the present moment. The scene was so wonderful that I could not move my eyes from majestically moving waves. At that time I felt the great inner peace.

Maybe I was lucky to see and enjoy the beauty at that moment, but we can all develop the art of appreciation. We just have to stop and be mindful of beauty around us. We need to learn to start living in the present moment. When you focus on appreciation, universe will give you more and more opportunities for appreciation.

Appreciation is a quality of heart filled with love and we all can develop this quality with practice. You can try this as a small ritual. Visit a garden with many flowers. Flower is not just an object, but also a living being. Select one you like, but do not pick it up, just let it be as it is. Nature is more beautiful without human interference. Take a deep breath and see the color and texture of it. You will then realize how beautiful the flower is.

As you are gazing deeply at the flower, keep your eyes and heart open and relaxed. Let the beauty and energy of it flows into you. Realize and enjoy the oneness of you and flower. We are all created by God and part of one universe. Be mindful, be receptive and be alive.

Above exercise will make you calm and relaxed. It might also give you healing experience. Loosen up yourself and let the beauty around you be part of you. Let us all focus on the good things in life, let us all have the heart of love and appreciation and let us all be in harmony with our soul.

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Samir Kunvaria is specialized in finding harmony in daily life. Please see his blog www.selfawake.com for more articles on making your life better.