Ayurvedic treatment of epilepsy: Epilepsy is a disease in which the patient has a sudden attack. It is a disease of the nervous system. In this disease, the patient loses his or her brain balance when an attack occurs. His arms and legs begin to stiffen. The body trembles and twists. This treatment does not completely cure it. As long as the patient keeps taking his medicine, he remains fine and when he stops, seizures start again. Today we will tell you the reason for epileptic seizures and its home remedies, using which you can get relief from it.

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Due to epileptic seizures

The work of the brain depends on the way the neurons deliver the signals properly. When there is any kind of obstruction in it, then the problem starts coming in the work of the brain. This causes the patient to have epileptic seizures. Apart from this, epilepsy attacks can occur on head injury, excessive alcohol consumption, brain tumors, paralysis, menstrual disturbances and lack of oxygen in the brain. 

Home remedies to get relief from epilepsy

Basil and Sitaphal
Basil contains a large amount of antioxidants which help in keeping free radicals in the brain. To get rid of epilepsy, give 20 basil leaves to the patient daily. In the case of epilepsy attack, add basil juice and rock salt to the patient's nose. If the basil plant is not there, you can also add the juice of the Sitaphal leaf.

Make a
sauce with gooseberry leaves and feed the patient suffering from gooseberry epilepsy. If he eats it daily, he will get benefit very quickly.

 Mulberry and Grapefruit juice
Mulberry and grapefruit juice are very beneficial for the patient of epilepsy. Give mulberry and grapefruit juice to the patient every morning.

 Petha or Pumpkin
Pete or pumpkin contains nutrients that balance the brain's chemistry. For this, you can also make a vegetable and feed it to the patient. The patient will get more benefit by drinking its juice. If the test is not good, then it can be given to the patient by mixing sugar and turnkey powder.

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