Before I started my backyard adventure I visualized my theme. I wanted it to be a representation of what’s important within my space. For me, it was more than just setting out a few chairs and thinking that would do.

My goal was to transform that vision into reality. I wanted my backyard to incorporate elements that defined my family.

Create A Theme:

So what was my theme? A campsite. Yup, a campsite that included my own DIY firepit, flowers, string lights, a hammock, a picnic table (painted myself for under $100), a bird feeder and bath, and most of all my own she shed (which I painted myself). However, that’s another story. For me, the best part is having the ability to set up a home theater to watch movies in the she shed with my daughters.

So, for this article I wanted to share my journal in creating my backyard. My next article will be all about my she shed.

Make It YOUR Fabulous:

Also, one thing I will say is that revamping my backyard didn’t cost me a whole lot of money. I was able to stay within budget because a lot of the small items I did myself. Like creating the fire-pit and purchasing and painting the stones to go around my fire-pit. So, before you spend a fortune on decorations, think about how you can utilize what you already have. . Maybe blending old with the new.

Whatever you do…make it fabulous…. make it your own.

Author's Bio: 

Parth Bari is a Tech Addict, Software Geek and a Blogger. I love to help people and found blogging the best way to help people out there so express my opinions through writing.